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One More Stop Before the End of the SharePoint On Prem Line

by Jeffrey Mann  |  March 4, 2014  |  2 Comments

In October, I published a provocative research note entitled Maverick* Research: Should Microsoft Kill SharePoint? It may have been provocative at the time, but announcements from this year’s SharePoint Conference show that at least in one aspect, I was too optimistic.

The note looked at the expected split coming between SharePoint on premises (which is how most users currently deploy the product) and in the cloud (as part of Office 365). It paints a bleak picture for SharePoint on premises in the long term, with its users destined to become second class citizens, lagging ever further behind the shiny, new innovations coming in Yammer and SharePoint Online.

If anything, today’s announcements are even more bleak for SharePoint on premises. I said:

SharePoint Server continues to be supported and developed, with new versions expected at pretty much the same schedule as with earlier versions.

That was apparently too optimistic. In a blog post today, SharePoint general manager Jared Spataro made clear that they are “committing to another on premises release of SharePoint Server.” Another. As in one more.  So there will not be new versions, but one more before the curtain falls on SharePoint as most users now know it.

We will be publishing a longer analysis of the SharePoint Conference announcements, which include quite a bit of good news for those looking for innovative functionality from the cloud. I will also be updating my “Should Microsoft Kill SharePoint” presentation for the Gartner PCC conference in Los Angeles in May.



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  • 1 Luis   March 5, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Sharepoint on premises will never be dead and there is a simple reason for that.
    Some customers dont trust the cloud and they want to have control on the data and where its stored.

    In the other hand, sharepoint apps are pushed even more, and that will be the way to develop new things, regardless if they will be on sharepoint online or on premises

  • 2 Abhishek   March 11, 2014 at 11:16 am


    Read Jared’s blog. he clearly says that there will be one more on-prem release and after that on-prem customers will have to hookup the on-prem farm with the cloud to receive additional services.

    I think Jared’s post has a clear message that even though on-prem can be alive by using hybrid (to your post of never be dead). SP2015 is the last on-prem release.

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