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Describing the Engagement Initiative

by Jeffrey Mann  |  February 17, 2014  |  Submit a Comment

Last month, I had the chance to describe the Engagement Initiative in a series of one on one meetings. After doing it about 30 times, I kind of got good at it. Here is the cheat sheet for understanding what this important area of coverage at Gartner is all about.

Gartner’s Engagement Initiative brings together existing areas of research like BYOD/A/S, consumerization, personal cloud, Nexus, social and collaboration into a higher level initiative. It provides a common thread through all of these, which key on the influence of individuals on these corporate initiatives. Getting people to understand, use and accept these strategies is a common challenge across all of these areas.  It answers the questions that clients are asking about how they can be more innovative, encourage sharing and collaboration, and be prepared for demographic and tech changes in the workforce.

Triggers to read more about this subject or ask for a teleconference include

  • We want to overhaul the intranet or employee portal. Why? What does it need to do? Do you want the same intranet on a better platform, or something new? Can a social platform replace the intranet by serving the same purpose in a different way?
  • HR or corporate comms wants to start a project to develop employees’ willingness to collaborate or improve internal communications. These often fail unless there is wider support, like you get from an EI project.
  • We are moving to Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Office 365 and want to make sure the new capabilities are used effectively.
  • Senior execs are talking about employee involvement, innovation, culture of sharing. How can we help achieve this?
  • What comes next after BYOD? BYO service? Application? Anything?

Clients can find lots more info on this subject here.


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