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One Week to Cannes Symposium 2008

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 27, 2008  |  1 Comment

The two weeks between Orlando and Cannes Symposium this year gives analysts working both events a chance to catch up with families and the work that inevitably piles up; at least for the analysts who are not also at Tokyo Symposium. A few will also do Sydney and Cape Town, which leaves little time for […]

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Double Life at Symposium

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 16, 2008  |  4 Comments

I feel like I’ve been leading two lives at the Gartner Symposium this year in Orlando. Not because it is so busy; it always is. In every snippet of time I can grab, I am watching reactions to what we are saying and the conference as a whole on Twitter and blogs. It is an […]


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“Really, that wiki doesn’t make you look fat”

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 15, 2008  |  2 Comments

One of the most common conversations I have with customers at events and in phone calls is on the “Everyone else is so far ahead of us” topic. It seems quite common for IT managers to want to believe that their peers in other organizations are doing wonderful, innovative things, with well-managed and thoughtfully designed […]


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An Analyst in Conference Time

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 11, 2008  |  1 Comment

I’m on my way to Orlando for the Fall Symposium, so I thought I would write about what it is like to work these conferences as an analyst. I plan to deliver three presentations in Orlando and no doubt dozens of 1 on 1 customer meetings. I also will be visiting several presentations to see […]

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How long before IT gets blamed for the financial crisis?

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 6, 2008  |  3 Comments

Since this is a Gartner blog, I won’t comment here on the ridiculous finger-pointing going on in the wake of the banking bailout rescue efforts (but I might here eventually). However, I miss a connection closer to home which to me at least seems inevitable. What is the role of IT in creating or at […]


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How can I be too busy to go to work?

by Jeffrey Mann  |  October 3, 2008  |  1 Comment

It sounds strange, but I realized this morning that I am actually too busy with my job to go to work. Like many analysts, I work primarily from home. Combined with the time I spend traveling, I rarely get the chance to go into my “official” office. I think that the last time I was […]

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