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Jay Wilson

Research Director
Jay Wilson focuses on helping clients achieve optimal results in social marketing, with an emphasis on measurable results and impacts to customer experience. Previously, he led social marketing efforts at a large digital advertising...
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Suspense and Hope: The Digital Marketing Hype Cycle

By Jay Wilson | August 13, 2015

The Digital Marketing Hype Cycle is my favorite piece of Gartner research.  I love the construct of it.  It’s like a character arc for the new technologies and disciplines that appear on digital marketer’s radars almost daily. And like a…

The Voices of Things to Come

By Jay Wilson | July 29, 2015

I was riding the London Underground on Sunday night during a brief vacation.  The train’s automated female voice announcements weren’t much different from those one might hear in any subway in any city. Until we approached our final destination, Tower Hill.…

A Scalable Chorus: Bringing Employee Voices to Social Marketing

By Jay Wilson | July 02, 2015

I read with interest this morning’s Adweek recap of IBM’s employee advocacy efforts in social media. Indeed, this is a trend we see as social marketers look for ways to improve reach and engagement in an environment that’s increasingly reliant on paid advertising…

Damn the Torpedoes! Seize Periscope Live Streaming

By Jay Wilson | June 19, 2015

Live video steaming in social media.  Just the thought of it will give heartburn to your public relations team.  But if you follow some guiding principles, the opportunity to create great content and connect with followers makes exploring this emerging social technology worthwhile. The…