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Great Customer Experience Doesn’t Happen by Accident

November 18, 2015 | 5 Comments

There’s nothing new about the idea of customer experience. In fact, at heart, it’s an idea that’s as ancient as trade itself. Wherever business is done, a customer experience accrues. And wherever there’s competition for that business, the customer experience will be judged. But what is new to some is the modern notion that the… Read More

Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey; You Had Questions, We Have Answers

November 12, 2015 | 2 Comments

A couple weeks ago, we delivered a free public webinar highlighting the findings from Gartner’s 2015-2016 CMO Spend Survey. You can watch the replay here and read the summary of findings here. You asked great questions, some of which I didn’t quite get to. But I didn’t forget my promise; you had questions, we have… Read More

What We Talk About When We Talk About Customer Experience

November 4, 2015 | 1 Comment

What is customer experience? A better question: what isn’t? Customer experience is, roughly speaking, the sum of every branded interaction, pre- and post-sales. It’s this universality that makes customer experience such a perplexing topic. It can be hard to pin down. Austrian philosopher Karl Popper said that any theory that attempts to explain everything, explains… Read More

When Setting Marketing Budgets, Follow the Money—But Not the Herd

October 27, 2015 | 1 Comment

The classic American film All the President’s Men popularized the phrase “follow the money,” which suggested that many truths could be discovered by watching the exchange of the almighty buck. The same is true in forecasting, where spending patterns reveal what decision makers care about. In this same spirit, last week, Gartner published the 2015-16… Read More

It’s Time to Rein in Distributed Marketing

October 15, 2015 | 1 Comment

Large enterprises are complex organisms that depend on an array of distributed people, systems and various entities to function. For marketers, this can make it a challenge to tell a coherent story and consistently deliver on a brand promise. And the challenge grows by degrees of freedom. On some level, every company is distributed. Employees… Read More

Six Phases of a Marketer’s Evolution

October 8, 2015 | 1 Comment

I’m a proud parent, which makes me boring at dinner parties. If you’re middle-aged like me, statistically speaking, we’re probably somewhat alike: parents, obnoxiously proud, and maybe a bit boring. If you’ve raised kids, you can’t help but marvel at their ascendance. Clearing each phase of maturity seems like a small miracle. Of course, it’s… Read More

Frustrated by Ad Blocking? Create Better Content

September 30, 2015 | 3 Comments

Digital advertising is at a crossroads. The two headed monster of ad blocking and allegations of click fraud have put advertisers and publishers more than a little on edge. At stake are the prevailing economics of the internet, and at risk is nothing less than any entity that relies on the trafficking and trade of… Read More

In Modern Marketing, Plans are Nothing, But Planning is Everything

September 23, 2015 | 2 Comments

Before he landed his gig at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue., Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower was a five-star US Army General and, during World War II, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. It’s fair to say that Ike knew a thing or two about planning. You probably associate Eisenhower with what now feels like… Read More

Content Marketing World 2015: Caution Flags for Content Marketers

September 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

Sir Isaac Newton said that what goes up must come down. It’s a principle that applies to digital marketing trends as it does to baseballs and airplanes. Of course, while all trends are subject to laws of gravity, some are granted a bit more hang time. Some fads burn incandescent and quickly flame out or… Read More

In Customer Experience, “Last Best” Shapes Expectations

September 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

It used to be the case that customer experience expectations were set by your customers’ next best alternative—by the experience promised by whatever competitive offerings lie in wait. But, today, customers expect more than that. In the game of customer experience, your competition isn’t just your competition. It’s often your customers’ last best experience. Call… Read More