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Jake Sorofman

Research VP
Jake Sorofman analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices. He focuses on customer experience and content marketing and helps clients use these techniques to engage customers, evangelize their brands, grow revenue and transform their business.
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Doing Social Well to Do Social Good

By Jake Sorofman | January 29, 2013

It’s no surprise that so many successful brands have done well by the principles of social and other forms of digital marketing. But can you do social well while also doing social good? I think you can. It turns out…

Death of a Sales Model?

By Jake Sorofman | January 22, 2013

Take one look at any modern business model and you’ll notice a clear pattern forming: Marketing is moving from outbound to inbound and sales teams are coming home to roost. Yesterday’s expensive field sales organizations are being traded for lower-cost…

Dispatch from Mobile FirstLook 2013: Key Takeaways

By Jake Sorofman | January 18, 2013

Sometimes industry events can feel like an echo chamber where truth is squelched by vendor-spun happy talk. That’s not to say there aren’t great insights to be had, but you often need to work to discern the signal from the…

Agile Isn’t Just for Geeks Anymore

By Jake Sorofman | January 14, 2013

Twelve years ago, 17 software developers convened in Snowbird, Utah to reimagine their craft. They recognized that traditional development methods were out of step with the times. Suddenly, building software wasn’t some arcane backwater. For many companies, it had become…

In Data We Trust?

By Jake Sorofman | January 07, 2013

What happens when we trust data too much? Does intelligence become its opposite when we rely on integers over inspiration? These are questions that Steve Lohr (of New York Times lore) flirts with in his year-end column, “Sure, Big Data…

Digital Marketers Must Know the Future

By Jake Sorofman | January 03, 2013

Wayne Gretzky famously told us to “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” In doing so, he provided perhaps the sagest business advice never intended. He may have been talking about hockey, but what we…