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MicroKia or NoSoft?

by Jack Santos  |  September 3, 2013  |  Comments Off

If someone said they didn’t see this one coming (Microsoft buys Nokia handset business) then let me introduce you to the man with one eye in the land of the blind.

In fact, I had a briefing with Nokia senior IT management way back in 2010 and proposed that this would be the way it played out….to guffaws and howls.  They had invited me (then with Burton Group) to tell them something different than what they were hearing from my  (now) esteemed colleague Nick Jones  – with which there was no love lost.  After all – he’s the mobile expert, not me – I am just an ex-CIO.  Apparently they were going to keep trying with analyst firms until they heard what they wanted.  Since then, Gartner bought Burton, and Microsoft bought …

It’s a match made in hell. (The MS/Nokia deal, not the Gartner/Burton deal, which is working quite nicely, thank you).

With all due respects to Nokia, they faced an innovator’s dilemma.  Back then, I told them that bragging about their 3rd world non-smart phone sales was not the future.  Started as a paper mill, Nokia has faced these challenges before, but unfortunately they won’t be facing them again (unless MS decides to break itself up sometime in the future…)

My heart goes out to Helsinki – a beautiful city, and home to Nokia — it’s almost a factory town.  This can’t be good long term…but they’ll survive.

…and MS/Nokia?  There’s still a chance.  I have been playing with the MS Surface all weekend, and boy was that cool.  The IT geek in me loved it.  The consumer in me is still eyeing iPhones and Androids. And the libertarian in me wants a three horse race, not two….




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