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Ian Glazer is a research vice president and agenda manager on the Identity and Privacy Strategies team. He leads IdPS' coverage for authorization and privacy. Topics within these two main areas include externalized authorization management, XACML, federated authorization, privacy by design, and privacy programs. Read Full Bio

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The Highlight of Your Summer: Catalyst 2012

by Ian Glazer  |  April 10, 2012  |  1 Comment

Ok, maybe not. But this year’s Catalyst should definitely be part of your summer plans.

Identity is deeply woven into the fabric of business. Every business, regardless of location and sector, relies on identity management. But that being said, your business peers might not recognize that reliance. In fact, we, as identity professionals, have been so successful in providing “basic” identity services such as automated on-boarding, password sync, SSO, etc that the business tends to forget about us. Until big things hit the business: big things such as mobility initiatives and the drive to cloud services. It is these kinds of external trends and topics that are shaping identity management as an industry and as a profession.

Keeping that in mind, Catalyst is a little different than in past years. We (all of the Gartner for IT Professionals research teams) have created an event that weaves our varied areas of research together around 3 mega-topics:

  • Mobility
  • IT as a Broker: Clouds and Services
  • Information Everywhere

Within each of these mega-topics will contain identity content, as well as content from our security and risk management peers and other GTP research teams. This format gives a wider-perspective on a subject while delivering in-depth technical topics.

To support this new format at Catalyst, we have created an IAM virtual track to help you isolate the presentations most relevant to you. These presentations will address:

  • How do I control access to cloud services?
  • How is IAM relevant to my mobility initiatives?
  • How do I bridge my on-premises IAM infrastructure with cloud identity services?
  • How has IAM evolved to support my growing requirements?

You can find this virtual track and more information about Catalyst here.

With that, I’ll see you in San Diego, August 20th to 23rd. Be there.


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