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Ian Glazer is a research vice president and agenda manager on the Identity and Privacy Strategies team. He leads IdPS' coverage for authorization and privacy. Topics within these two main areas include externalized authorization management, XACML, federated authorization, privacy by design, and privacy programs. Read Full Bio

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Fear and loathing in Broomfield: a trip report from Gluecon

by Ian Glazer  |  June 2, 2010  |  1 Comment

I was somewhere outside of Boulder on the edge of a golf course when the coffee, elevation, and dehydration began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “This feels an awful like Digital ID World used to feel like; maybe I ought to ask Fontana…”

The Glue Conference (1) is all about bringing different bits together: services, workflows, identities, personalities, businesses. Eric and crew do yeoman’s work to bring such a combination of viewpoints and technical meat together in one shiny package.

Quietly and slowly, Glue has started amassing more and more identity content. It is beginning to feel like a mashup of Catalyst and DIDW (circa 2006) This year featured:

If you aren’t familiar with these identity people, know that they represent nice combination of open identity and enterprise identity viewpoints. On the heels of yesterday’s post on stepping out of echo chambers, to me putting this kind of mix of people and perspectives in one place is becoming more and more critical. I like to think that with serendipitous contact comes stronger ideas and as always Glue delivers the serendipity.

BTW – It is less than 20 days to Catalyst EU (now with less added volcano) and less than 50 days to Catalyst North America! You are going – right?

(1) Full disclosure – I was an advisor to GlueCon this year.

(2) I’ll be addressing Nishant’s talk in more detail in a following post.

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