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“Ignore our Web site, it needs work”

by Hank Barnes  |  December 23, 2014  |  Comments Off

In my role as a Gartner analyst working with technology providers, I often have what I would call ‘first time” inquiry calls–the first phone interaction between me and a client.  To prepare for these, I always try to do some homework. I look at their CRM records to see other interactions they have had.  I […]

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Your Two Biggest Competitors in B2B Tech Markets

by Hank Barnes  |  August 5, 2014  |  1 Comment

Competition is a funny topic.   When I talk to Gartner clients about competition, I usually get a list of specific companies that do similar things to the client (unless they go with the “We have no competition” angle).   And, while this is valid at some point in the buying cycle, it is often […]

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Great Positioning Requires Giving Something Up – Or Does It?

by Hank Barnes  |  July 22, 2014  |  1 Comment

This week, I was talking with a client about positioning and segmentation.  They have a product that operates in a well established traditional market, but are introducing some very cool and innovative visualization capabilities.   It is yet another example of the consumerization of IT as visual tools that we see in clothing e-commerce sites […]

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Getting over Marketing’s Inferiority Complex

by Hank Barnes  |  March 25, 2014  |  2 Comments

Last week, I saw a blog post that brought back memories of a conversation, actually an argument, from years ago with my sister.   Beth, my sister, has spent basically here entire adult life in college.  Either as a student or professor.   She currently teaches at the University of Kentucky, covering topics like advertising, […]


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Products, Markets, and Crossing the Chasm

by Hank Barnes  |  February 25, 2014  |  1 Comment

I have long been a fan of Geoffrey Moore.  His ideas are thoughtful,  yet simple to understand and apply.   Like most people, I have long been a fan of Crossing the Chasm, which many people still tout as the high tech marketing bible.   I use his original ideas on positioning of technology products, with a […]

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Link Themes to Increase Memorability

by Hank Barnes  |  February 4, 2014  |  1 Comment

A short post this week, building on ideas of storytelling and differentiation. Imagine that you have something totally new and different for the market.  You go out and talk about this wonderful innovation, but even the people who are initially interested seem to forget about you and your product.  Why does that happen? One big […]

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Jumping on the Bandwagon

by Hank Barnes  |  January 7, 2014  |  3 Comments

Last night, we experienced the end of the college football bowl season and the NFL playoffs are now in full swing.  For some football fans, this is the time when they jump on the bandwagon of their local team, proclaiming their die-hard support (support that will continue until their next losing streak).   While cynics […]


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Buying, Selling, and Telling – The Best of the Year

by Hank Barnes  |  December 23, 2013  |  Comments Off

As my first year at Gartner comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on the key themes that dominated my blog, my research, and client inquiries. Three things really rise to the top. 1.  Messaging and Positioning – The bulk of my inquiries and two of my research notes focused on helping clients deal […]

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The Great Blueness in Technology Marketing

by Hank Barnes  |  December 10, 2013  |  1 Comment

When my kids were young, one of our favorite stories was “The Great Blueness and Other Predicaments” by Arnold Lobel.  It told the story of a town that all one color and a wizard who created other colors to try and change the towns fortune.  Only when he allowed things to be different colors did […]

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End the Blame Game (Between Marketing and Sales)

by Hank Barnes  |  September 10, 2013  |  1 Comment

My last post focused on the need for sales to step up to meet the needs of more demanding buyers.   While that is critical, the onus is not just on sales–it is on the whole organization.  And marketing bears a strong portion of that responsibility. I am getting tired of hearing about the continued rift […]

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