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The Untapped Tablet Marketing Opportunity

by Hank Barnes  |  February 10, 2013  |  Comments Off

When I got my first tablet over a year ago, a Kindle Fire (I’m more of an Amazon guy than an Apple guy), I was struck by the experience.   The Fire, which I have since upgraded to the new larger HD version, is really more of a multi-meida content consumption device than a general purpose tablet.  And that idea got me thinking, how could we use this in technology marketing?

While its largely a given that Web sites need to be optomized for mobile viewing (or applications created for that purpose), the early stage of these has largely been about making things work on that medium rather than creating optimal experiences because of the medium.

Elements of the possibilities are present in the Kindle reading app.  I can highlight a word and get a definition from an integrated dictionary or have a Web search executed on my behalf.   But that only scratches the surface.  Imagine a reference to music in a text, and the song automatically starts playing in the background.   A mystery that includes the need to follow a map, and you being able to “see that map” and where characters have been and where they should go.

While these examples may not apply to technology marketing, they do illustrate the possibilities.  As a technology marketer, there is often a need to mix text, video, application, and other interactive content to get points across and deliver value.  Tablets are devices designed specifically for that mixed media world.  Instead of just porting content and marketing tools to tablets, it is time to optimize for that world

Are you doing that?  I’d love to hear from technology providers that are using tablet-based marketing to do innovative things to build awareness, brand commitment, and differentiation.  The tools are there to make that happen.


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