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Hank Barnes
Research Vice President
2+ years at Gartner
28 years IT Industry

Hank Barnes provides research and advisory services on go-to-market strategies for technology providers. He focuses on issues related to positioning, storytelling, the technology buying cycle, and customer experience. Read Full Bio

Wanna Be An Analyst – Why I Love My Job?

by Hank Barnes  |  September 29, 2015

I love my job.   It is both the most challenging and rewarding position I’ve ever held.    I wouldn’t trade it for the world and hope to be doing “the same thing” until I can’t work anymore (I can’t imagine ever retiring from something this fun–but every day is different, hence why “same thing” is […]

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Forget B2P – in B2B, it’s about B2T(eam)

by Hank Barnes  |  September 22, 2015

Forgive me for the acronym loaded title, but it seemed appropriate.   The combination of the growing recognition of the importance of customer experience and the digitalization of our entire lives has driven many to make statements like “there is no B2C or B2B, it is all B2P (erson) now.”   I think this is hogwash. […]

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Positioning, Persona Overload, and the Consensus Buy

by Hank Barnes  |  September 15, 2015

Last week, I shared some information from the new CEB Book, The Challenger Customer, and how their story reflects what I believe has been a key driver of SaaS adoption–the ability to avoid the need for broad consensus based decision making to get started.  That was one of my key observations after reading the book. […]

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Avoiding the Consensus Buy (A Market Traction Approach)

by Hank Barnes  |  September 8, 2015

Today, a new book, The Challenger Customer, is scheduled to hit the streets.  I was able to read an early copy, courtesy of my friend and colleague, Tiffani Bova.   It is an interesting read and reaffirms much of the research we have been seeing with regard to B2B buying for the last few years (albeit the […]

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Messaging to Your Customer’s Personality

by Hank Barnes  |  September 1, 2015

I was recently speaking with a client about messaging.  They had shown me a case study with some fantastic quantitative results.   It was telling a pretty good story.   I thought this was going to be one of my calls where I would have less insights and suggestions.   I was even thinking it […]

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Where to Start – Positioning and a Story

by Hank Barnes  |  August 25, 2015

I often speak to clients looking for help addressing the sales and marketing challenges they are facing.   They all understand there is no secret weapon–no single thing–that  will make everything magically better, but are looking for where to focus for biggest impact. My answer rarely changes. It is not inbound marketing. Or content marketing. […]

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The Language of Marketing v. Sales

by Hank Barnes  |  August 18, 2015

This week, I was briefed by an interesting company that has a solution that I should have loved.   They help businesses identify and prioritize segments for B2B Marketing and Sales.  I love segmentation and there was a lot to like about their approach.  They allow analysis of segments by a huge number of parameters. […]

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Getting Lost on the Customer Journey

by Hank Barnes  |  August 11, 2015

I’m a big believer, as most of you know, in Customer Experience.  But I have to admit that I struggle to fully understand Customer Journey Mapping.  This jumped to the front of my mind after reading a great post from Esteban Kolsky on the topic.  Esteban captured many of my concerns with journey mapping in his post. […]

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Considerations for Content Licensing

by Hank Barnes  |  August 4, 2015

Our research at Gartner shows that technology buyers are looking beyond providers for information they can trust.   Buyers place high value on 3rd party content from trusted sources, particularly expert reviews and analyst reports (any credible analyst, not just Gartner)–the top two types of influencer materials cited in recent research.     Therefore, we […]

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What is the Enterprise Personality of your Customer?

by Hank Barnes  |  July 28, 2015

Ever experienced a situation where everything felt right in a deal? The buying team, led by a champion in the business, seemed convinced.  You had developed, with them, a strong business case for change.  The only question seemed to be how soon would the deal close. And then nothing happens.  Your champion stops returning calls. […]

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