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IBM Reconsiders Its Jettisoning Web Analytics Four Years Ago and Buys Coremetrics

by Guy Creese  |  June 15, 2010  |  Comments Off

IBM announced today that it was buying Coremetrics, one of the last major independent web analytics providers. This is not a surprising development, for several reasons: It follows in the footsteps of Omniture: The largest company in this sector was acquired by Adobe last year, and it was only a matter of time before Omniture’s […]

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SaaS vs. Software: End User Training

by Guy Creese  |  May 27, 2010  |  Comments Off

Training end users on how to use a SaaS system trails off more than with a software system (which is more episodic). For example, if an enterprise has just adopted, end users need to be trained on its general layout and how to use it. After that, because new features trickle in from time […]

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SaaS vs. Software: Comments on the Pricing Comments

by Guy Creese  |  May 26, 2010  |  1 Comment

I’ve several posts comparing and contrasting SaaS and software. So far, the thread consists of: SaaS vs. Software: The Release Cycle for SaaS is Usually (Not Always) Faster SaaS vs. Software: Their Licensing Needs to Be Integrated SaaS vs. Software: SaaS Has a Built-In Usage Feedback Loop SaaS vs. Software: The Pros and Cons of […]

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SaaS vs. Software: SaaS Has a Built-In Usage Feedback Loop

by Guy Creese  |  May 21, 2010  |  Comments Off

One capability of SaaS that’s rarely discussed is the fact that it contains a built-in usage feedback loop. Software, whether running on a client or a server, is pretty much an island. Once a vendor releases the product, the software runs on its own and sends very little usage information back to the vendor. This […]

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Online User “Fingerprints”

by Guy Creese  |  May 20, 2010  |  Comments Off

There’s an interesting article in Computerworld entitled, “EFF: Forget cookies, your browser has fingerprints.” It talks about a recent Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) report that states that a web site can use JavaScript to gather information about a user’s browser, operating system, fonts, and plug-ins, and munge them together to develop a unique “fingerprint” for […]

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