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VMworld 2013: Persist or not to persist

by Gunnar Berger  |  August 23, 2013  |  3 Comments

Persist or not to persist that is the question… and the debate over which is better is happening “off the grid” next week at VMworld.

For those that don’t know, Andre Leibovici (VMware) wrote a blog entitled “Open letter to non-persistent VDI fanboys…” where he suggested that all virtual desktops should be completely persistence. He backed that argument up so perfectly he ended all debate on the subject… well no but he did open a can of debate. In fact, some EUC analyst from Gartner jumped on Twitter and suggested that maybe Andre and those that oppose him should debate, live, in front of a live studio audience, while cameras are rolling, pod casts are recording and said analyst is antagonizing both sides of the debate.

To my surprise, Andre accepted. Also, Shawn Bass (Consultant/Genius) decided to join his team to fight for a completely persistent deployment.

On the other side of the debate Jason Langone (VCDX/SE, Nutanix) and Jason Mattox (CTO, Liquidware Labs) decided to fight for complete non-persistent, calling the other team names completely inappropriate for a Gartner blog.

To make sure anyone could hear the debate (even those not attending VMworld) I reached out to Gabe Knuth (The non-Madden on to have his team record the debate and post it afterwards. So a big thank you to Gabe and team for doing that.

For those that want to attend, the debate will be held Tuesday from 4-4:45 in the VMware lounge. I am told there is a stage there but that it is a smaller area and it may be standing room only, so you might want to get their early if you want to hear the debate live. I will be taking questions via Twitter as an excuse to be looking at my phone (playing Angry Birds) during the debate. I am @gunnarwb on Twitter, and if you aren’t on Twitter you really should join. After all this entire debate became a reality in a matter of hours thanks to the easy access Twitter gets you to these great minds in our field.

I hope to see you there.



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