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A Revolution in GRC Affairs at Gartner (or burning the EGRC mq)

by French Caldwell  |  February 4, 2014  |  3 Comments

Gartner’s coverage of vendors in the GRC marketplace is about to change.  The main reason for the change, as noted in the most recent Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms Magic Quadrant, is that GRC solutions buyers are shifting away from a platform-centric approach to one focused on targeted solutions for specific use cases. A […]


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Will It Be Big Data or Big Oil That Saves America?

by French Caldwell  |  January 9, 2013  |  Comments Off

It could be awfully confusing to try to make sense out of today’s FT.  A front page article highlights that the US is headed toward energy independence, which is a boon to energy intensive industries — heavy manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, petrochemicals, and even IT services.  On the other hand, a lead opinion piece touts […]

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Will IT GRC Begin to Die This Year?

by French Caldwell  |  January 3, 2013  |  1 Comment

I had a good discussion with Erik Heidt today about IT GRC management tools.  We were talking about why there is an IT GRCM market that is distinct from the EGRC platform market.   It’s clear that there is a separate market — vendors like Agiliance, RSAM, Lockpath and Modulo are IT GRC specific.  The buyer […]

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Oh, Michael — Your Rant ….

by French Caldwell  |  October 10, 2012  |  1 Comment

Dear Michael – Good to hear from you.  Thanks for sending me your latest blog post.  I have to say though that when you rant you really do go ballistic — you want to throw six months of my work on the compost pile — ooh, that hurts.  But I get it, it’s not me; […]

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Could Big Data Analytics Combat High Frequency Trading’s Negative Effects?

by French Caldwell  |  February 27, 2012  |  Comments Off

I’m at the SAS industry analyst day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  There’s been a lot of emphasis here on big data, high powered analytics and in-memory computing.  It got me to thinking about an article last week in Wired about a new academic study on high frequency trading.  The study found that there have been […]

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