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Ewan McIntyre

Research Director
Ewan McIntyre is a Research Director covering marketing leadership and management. Mr. McIntyre is focused on how next-generation marketing organizations and leaders allocate resources and budgets to deliver measurable, optimized performance...
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Marketing Innovation and the Rules of Cool

By Ewan McIntyre | May 22, 2017

In the interest of research, I did a quick (unscientific) scan of LinkedIn this morning – I searched for the words “innovation” and “marketing”, and was interested to note the quantity and variety of roles that came up. And there…

Feel The Churn –Value Segmentation And The Art Of Knowing When You’ve Been Ghosted

By Ewan McIntyre | April 06, 2017

Ghosting: the practice of ending a relationship suddenly without explanation, withdrawing all communication I’ve never been ghosted. Sure, there are people I’m not in contact with anymore– you lose touch with people for all kinds of reasons over the years.…

Email Marketing – Emerging Medium of 2017

By Ewan McIntyre | December 29, 2016

Email Marketing Then… A dozen years ago, when working in a large B2B enterprise I made a pretty momentous move – I shifted across from a general marketing role to my first fully digital marketing role. This seemed like a…

The Flipside Of Testing And Optimization

By Ewan McIntyre | September 08, 2016

For a man that spends his life talking about digital, I have a pretty deep love for analogue. My house (and garage) are full of long-since outmoded formats – I reverted back to hard copy books a while back, and…

The Running (Marketing) Man

By Ewan McIntyre | July 28, 2016

The other month Christi Eubanks published a great post comparing marketing analytics and CrossFit. It’s been a while since I’ve stepped in a gym – not because I’m averse to exercise, but my choice of fix is running, specifically outside, and specifically…

Marketing Innovation – Building a Clear Definition

By Ewan McIntyre | July 12, 2016

Every town has a story or two to tell. I live in rural Northumberland, in the far North East of England, and where I live is notable for a couple of pretty cool reasons. Firstly there’s a sizable chunk of…