Get More Value Out of Your Analyst One-on-One Meeting

Gartner Analyst One-on-One meetings focus the wealth of Gartner insight directly on your particular situation. It’s a great opportunity to validate your strategy, get an opinion on a key initiative, or hear new ideas for handling a tough challenge.

“The most valuable aspect of the conference.”

One of the most popular features of the summit, attendees rave about One-on-Ones, and for good reason. By taking time to discuss your strategy, next steps, or technology decision with an analyst focused on your subject area, you leverage years of expertise and insight on your specific questions. “A One-on-One meeting puts the research directly in your context,” said Paul Proctor, VP Distinguished Analyst. As one attendee put it, an Analyst One-on-One is “worth its time in gold.”

Get inspired with up-to-the-minute thinking

What will you discuss in your meeting? Jump-start your thought process with the latest insights on security and risk hot topics. Analysts held several recent webinars that are sure to provoke ideas, including:

Another good resource you may want to listen to is the Gartner ThinkCast Where True Digital Security is in Short Supply, about securing your supply chain.

Once the schedule opens for Analyst One-on-Ones, timeslots go quickly, so you’ll want to reserve your meeting as soon as possible. Simply log into Events Navigator and go to “Meetings & Engagement,” then “Schedule Analyst One-on-One.” It’s fast, easy and the best way to get Gartner insight tailored to your particular issues.