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vFabric exposes the new power in the cloud

by Eric Knipp  |  September 1, 2010  |  1 Comment

VMware is not a household PaaS name (are there any?) but vFabric will take it there.

As a CEAP, vFabric provides a variety of vetted components – Spring for AD, GemFire for XTP, Rabbit for messaging, etc. Of course the underlying lingua franca is Java, a language ubiquitous in the enterprise. Interested cloud platform providers, such as carriers – will no doubt take a close look at the vFabric offering as a basis for PaaS competitiveness.

The other story is one that I’ve been following for a while – the potential shakeout in PaaS. I pointed out last year that the SpringSource acquisition put VMware in position to dictate some terms in the cloud application platform space. Not everyone believed, but here we are with VMware moving up the stack (albeit not with CloudFoundry, but hey, nobody’s perfect).

The next question – how far can VMware go in its “encirclement of Microsoft” strategy? VMforce and Google App Engine for Business are a great start, but the PaaS shakeout is just getting started. Smaller providers must catch Maritz mania for the VMware strategy to be fully realized.

It will be interesting to see how things play out. For now I plan to enjoy the next couple of days of VMworld and report back.

Note to Microsoft: Eclipse is an IDE not a language.

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