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BPM Predicts 2012: Organizational Politics Hampers, Gamification Motivates BPM Adoption

by Elise Olding  |  November 21, 2011  |  7 Comments

Our “BPM Predicts” report for 2012 has been published.  It was a cross-team effort that included – myself, Brian Burke, Michele Cantara, John Dixon, Donna Fitzgerald, Janelle Hill and Teresa Jones.  “BPM Predicts” is published each year and I hope you find this year’s batch to provide insights for you to take BPM to the next […]


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You’ve been Ousted…Why Gamification Is So Motivation 2.0!

by Elise Olding  |  April 5, 2011  |  1 Comment

The message read “You’ve Been Ousted as mayor of XXXPetStore.” My reaction? Big deal! I had no desire to race to the store to recapture my status or find numerous excuses to purchase toys for my two adorable tonkinese cats. Gamification is an engagement technique that borrows video game mechanics (game features such as points, […]

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Building an Innovative Culture – Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center

by Elise Olding  |  January 20, 2011  |  3 Comments

Last month I had the pleasure of going to Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center with Jim Sinur and Brian Blau from Gartner. What a candy store of ideas! Just being there made me feel inspired and more innovative. There’s a lot going on but one thing that struck me was how having the innovation center […]


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Will Mobile Apps be the BPMS Killer?

by Elise Olding  |  November 30, 2010  |  8 Comments

Now that I have your attention…are you considering the inclusion of mobile apps in your business process design? Are you knowledgeable about how apps can be integrated into your design? If not, then it’s time to start. Mobile apps can not only deliver a competitive advantage, but can also be part of a larger cost-reduction effort. […]


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Process Design – Time to Think Beyond Efficiency

by Elise Olding  |  November 2, 2010  |  3 Comments

During my time here at Gartner, it seems many of the process design projects I see focus on efficiency and saving costs. Sometimes your job is to redesign the box but I would propose that more exciting times are upon us. It’s now time to think about the box itself. Here’s just a few of […]


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