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Can Government Change?

by Elise Olding  |  May 1, 2014  |  Submit a Comment

Whenever I am visiting government clients, a common theme emerges –  that it’s harder to make changes in the public sector vs. the private sector. That’s one myth I’d like to quell right now. I may have been open to believing that during my first year with Gartner, but now that I’ve been here almost […]

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Brain Awareness Will Be Essential to the Enterprise of the Future

by Elise Olding  |  October 3, 2013  |  Submit a Comment

Would you be OK with your neurologist surfing the Internet and responding to email while doing surgery on your brain? So why is that behavior the norm in important executive meetings that determine the future of a company? Beliefs about how we work, and when we work, are being shattered by cognitive neuroscience research. Enterprises […]

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Vision Alignment Challenges? Create a Collage

by Elise Olding  |  April 8, 2013  |  2 Comments

The challenge in many organizations is that we have a strong propensity to jump to the solution.  When the going gets tough merely having a solution in mind doesn’t get us out of the quagmire – particularly when it may not have been the 100% right solution to start with. It’s easy to lose our […]


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The Language of Successful Organizational Change

by Elise Olding  |  February 28, 2012  |  4 Comments

The majority of my interactions with clients lately have been about organizational change. It is becoming more of an executive level conversation as leaders are realizing the importance of paying attention to the people dynamics and understanding the consequences when they don’t. “Where to start?” is a question I’m commonly asked. Here’s the 100,000 foot view that I recently […]


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Trading my “B” for a “P” – Farewell BPM, Hello PPM!

by Elise Olding  |  February 14, 2012  |  3 Comments

I have had 4 1/2 great years with the Gartner BPM team. It’s been fun shaping the research, meeting everyone at the conferences and writing research. I’m sad to leave good friends and wonderful collegues.  The good news is that I will be at all the Gartner BPM Summits this year! I’m now onto my next […]


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Off to the Gartner BPM Summit in London – Follow On Twitter #BPM11

by Elise Olding  |  March 2, 2011  |  Submit a Comment

The BPM Summit is March 7th and 8th and I’m looking forward to interacting with the attendees. Attending and presenting at a conference is one of the best parts of my job. It’s great give and take – I can share insights with attendees and I also hear so many fascinating examples of successes and […]

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Oracle Open World – Things will Change

by Elise Olding  |  September 22, 2010  |  1 Comment

I’ve been at Oracle Open World this week. One of my takeaway is that things will change and change big time. The shifts that will come from moving to virtualization and the cloud are huge. They also seem to be somewhat ignored in the majority of sessions, save for KPMG and PwC discussing them in […]

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Selling the “Need for Change” is a Change!

by Elise Olding  |  August 24, 2010  |  4 Comments

I had an interesting discussion today (along with many others lately).  The topic centers on why it’s difficult to get an organization to embrace methods to deal with the people issues – communication, engagement and overall involvement.  For those of us that do this sort of work, it seems obvious why you need good communication […]


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Elise Olding – First Blog Post

by Elise Olding  |  July 28, 2010  |  7 Comments

This is my first blog entry!!!! Over the past few years I have guest blogged in Jim Sinur’s blog. However, it’s time for my own! I tend to tweet – but sometimes there’s just more to say than 140 characters will allow! So, just to kick things off some things about me: I’ve been with […]


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