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Elise Olding is a Research Director covering the complex challenges of organizational change and business transformation from a people perspective. Her areas of focus include organizational change, communications strategies and emerging trends in employee engagement from a hands-on practitioner view. Ms. Olding provides research on a worldwide basis, advising clients on best practices to achieve sustainable change and business transformation. She is a member of Gartner's Business Process and Transformation team. Read Full Bio

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Get Your Game On at the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore

by Elise Olding  |  April 24, 2012  |  5 Comments

Next week’s BPM summit will have something for everyone from beginners wanting to know the right steps in the journey – to emerging trends for our advanced practitioners to explore. At this years conference we are adding a layer of fun based on our gamification keynote by Gabe Zichermann (Twitter @gzicherm and his bio is here )

To help raise the level of engagement and interaction and fun at the conference we will be using a few simple game mechanics; badges and prizes!

Game Rules: Some of the Gartner analysts and BPM advisory board members will be awarding badges to attendees (actually they are stickers which you will attach to your conference nametag). You mission is to get as many badges as you can by completing the challenges.

Here are some clues to help you get started:

  • Find and tell me your favorite scuba or snorkeling spot, or best vacation – the more exotic the better. For scuba/snorkel tips you will get a fish badge, for vacations you get a pineapple. If you totally WOW me you get both.
  • Michele Cantara is a history buff. Wow her with an obscure historical fact and collect a badge.
  • Jim Sinur will have guitar badges and he will be posting his challenge on Twitter @jimsinur
  • Jenny Sussin will post her challenge on Twitter @JSussin
  • John Mahoney enjoys opera. Impress him with the name of your favourite leading opera character and the composer.
  • Shawn Solomon, one of our BPM advisory members, will be hosting a pre-event session – if you are attending you can collect your first badge from him on Tuesday.
  • Bruce Robertson wants to hear about the best rock concert you have attended.
  • Get research from Solution Central. Tell them about your favorite job.
  • Joel Kiernan, one of our BPM advisory members is a baseball fan. Share your favorite baseball moment and he will give you a glove or baseball badge.
  • Wade Wallinger, another BPM advisory board member from Chevron, is interested in hearing about your favorite movie star. Do this and we awarded a cool star badge.
  • John Dixon is interested in your BPM nightmares. He will reward you with a beer badge to ease the pain! Oh and yes, sharing someone else’s story is OK too!

There will be other Gartner analysts and BPM advisory members who will be giving out badges at the show as well so you will need to follow the clues to figure out who they are. Follow #gartnerbpm hashtag on Twitter as well as analyst blogs for more information on who will be giving out badges at the show.

At the end of the conference we will pick one winner. The person with the best creative display of badges or best overall story will get the prize, which will be a full pass for next years BPM conference. Find me or Jenny Sussin and share. I will announce the winner at the close of the show so be sure to follow me on Twitter @eliseolding


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