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Oracle Open World – Things will Change

by Elise Olding  |  September 22, 2010  |  1 Comment

I’ve been at Oracle Open World this week. One of my takeaway is that things will change and change big time. The shifts that will come from moving to virtualization and the cloud are huge. They also seem to be somewhat ignored in the majority of sessions, save for KPMG and PwC discussing them in two sessions.

Cloud is a strategic conversation, not just a technical one. Corporate strategy and leadership need embrace and understand what those changes are and prepare the organization. Internal roles and skills will change and customers will continue to expect more. One of the speakers suggested that the cloud will significantly impact collaboration, decision making and particularly knowledge work. He stated how fast a company can solve a problem will become a competitive advantage. However at the conference, the focus feels heavily slanted towards the technology with very little consideration of how to tackle these issues.

From conversations with colleagues and clients, organizational change management remains an elusive discipline relegated to HR, corporate communications or similar areas. There seems to be a “fear of managing change” so it is often ignored. (Any comments from readers about why this is the case are appreciated.)

IT leaders are at the heart of many changes in the organization and a revolution in our personal lives. It’s time to gain to develop the organizational change skills that will enable engagement, communication and inclusion. Mastering change is the next frontier – leading from a perspective of pull, not push.

Are you on board?

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