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Charles S. Golvin

Research Director
Charles Golvin specializes in how all manner of connected devices impact strategies and create opportunities for marketing leaders, from today's personal handheld devices to tomorrow's Internet of Things.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) – Should Marketers Care?

By Charles S. Golvin | September 22, 2016

I presented a session titled “How the IoT Will Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy” (playback free but registration required) this past May at Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego (hey, why not join us in San Diego next year?).…

What Type of Mobile Marketer Are You?

By Charles S. Golvin | July 28, 2016

Apologies straight off if you arrived expecting a quiz similar to those that will tell you into which Hogwarts House you’d be sorted or which Star Wars or Toy Story character you are (apparently it’s Slytherin, C-3PO and Woody for…

The Dividend from Apple Pay’s Web Play: Still Mostly About Mobile

By Charles S. Golvin | June 16, 2016

At its 2016 Worldwide Developer’s Conference Apple announced—among many other things—that Apple Pay is coming to the Web. Generically, this means that commerce-enabled Websites will be able to add a “pay with Apple Pay” button to their site; here’s what…

Super Bowl 50 Will Stream To Many Connected Devices—Should Marketers Care?

By Charles S. Golvin | February 04, 2016

“Super Bowl is here by golly, disapproval would be folly…” (with apologies to Tom Lehrer) In 2012 NBC provided access to Super Bowl XLVI to customers via digital streams from its Website and to tablet owners via its NBC Sports…