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Procrastination – The Equation

by Cameron Haight  |  December 16, 2008  |  Comments Off

I was tempted to file this under the title of “who cares?,” but once more I found something somewhat off topic firing up some of my neurons.  In the IT operations realm, we are often confronted with difficult problems to triage.  Yet as individuals we sometimes choose to focus on the less complex problems first.  Maybe that’s because according to the equation, while the value (or cost of downtime may be high), the expectation of success is low and thus the “utility” or desirability to complete the task is low.  Our sensitivity to delay, which I read in our operations scenario as “fix this or else” is also a factor per the equation.  Few of us like to fail at a task.  We often forget in this age of rapid technological transformation though that it’s still people that usually get the job done.  Thus, we need to ask how can we better assist an already overworked operations organization so that their expectation of success is improved? More skills? New organizational structure? Improved processes? Better management tools?  Probably combinations of all of the above. 

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