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Notes from the EA Foundation Seminar – Barcelona

by Brian Burke  |  March 19, 2009  |  2 Comments

Yesterday we finished up the EA Foundation Seminar in Barcelona and it was an interesting event. Some of my observations:

  1. Lots of companies are getting EA new programs off the ground – but perhaps not as many as in the past few years.  This is likely a direct response to the economic crisis. 
  2. Open Source EA tools are more likely to gain acceptance.  During a discussion about the recently announced Essential Architecture Manager seminar attendees expressed a lot of support for open source EA tools.  Sarah Smith from Enterprise Architecture Solutions reports in her blog that 200 people have downloaded the tool already.
  3. Do Chief Architects ‘own’ EA decisions?  We had an interesting debate on this topic.  For example, when making a decision on a software standard what is the role of the Chief Architect?   On one side, the argument is that Chief Architects should take a position and defend it.  On the other side, the argument that the Chief Architect merely facilitates the decision making process for the stakeholders – they have no personal stake in the results.
  4. A surprisingly small number of companies represented at the seminar had appointed process owners, and very few had ‘one company’ initiatives to integrate or harmonize business processes across lines of business.  This is not consistent with my day-to-day experience – maybe it was just the mix of companies represented or perhaps a trend.
  5. Business architecture is becoming solidly embedded within the scope of most enterprise architecture programs however the reporting relationship remains unclear – should business architecture report into IT or the business.  The trend appears to be more business architecture teams have business side reporting relationships.

If you missed this EA Foundation Seminar, be sure to sign up for the next European EA Foundation Seminar in Amsterdam on June 16 &17.


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  • 1 Tom Castle   March 19, 2009 at 11:36 am

    I often see an interesting tension between what I call prescriptive EAs and descriptive EAs – those of us who describe as-is or to-be architectures to facilitate decision-making, and those of us who make decisions. Both groups call themselves enterprise architects but the roles are quite different.

  • 2 Chris Wilson   March 20, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    I agree with Tom – there is also the view that being responsibly for a specific technology across an enterprise is the same as an Enterprise Architect. For me, an Enterprise Architect is not a Technical Architect working across an Enterprise! And very often these latter architects are the “descriptive EAs” Tom refers to!