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Searching in the Echo Chamber

by Darin Stewart  |  January 4, 2012

At a time when technology should be broadening our information and knowledge, it may in fact be narrowing our minds. Attention management is becoming an instinctive self-preservation behavior.  We don’t...

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Facebook is not a Social Network

by Darin Stewart  |  March 28, 2011

I finally got around to watching “The Social Network”, the film chronicling the rise of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. The movie was excellent, but I found myself obsessing over the...

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The Importance of (Being) GUI

by Jim Holincheck  |  October 31, 2007

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the blogosphere about how crummy graphical user interfaces (GUI) have been an impediment for broad adoption of enterprise software.  The genesis...

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