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For A Better Customer Experience Evoke Emotion Rather Than Manufacture It

by Augie Ray  |  May 26, 2016

There is a trend in customer experience circles to focus on emotion. To be sure, emotion is essential to a brand's customer experience, but focusing on emotion is a little like...

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5 Not-So-Easy Pieces: Who Owns Multichannel Marketing?

by Noah Elkin  |  April 27, 2016

When analysts get to talking, the conversation sometimes takes a reflective turn. One recent exchange raised the question whether all marketing today is (or should be) multichannel. The answer is less obvious than...

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Has Digital Marketing Finally Become Just Marketing?

by Kirsten Newbold  |  April 5, 2016

“If you are building out a discrete Digital Marketing Center of Excellence (CoE), you’re too late,” I said a few months ago and stirred up some controversy among a group...

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Independents Day: Agility Makes Smaller Agencies Appealing

by Jay Wilson  |  April 1, 2016

Last week, after a grueling (albeit incredibly fun) evaluation process, we published our latest Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Marketing Agencies.  While the research focuses on 21 of the largest...

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The Customer-Centric Sales and Marketing Track at #GartnerTGI

by Hank Barnes  |  March 29, 2016

This is a  bonus post (I hope you consider it to be a bonus and not "ugh, not another post from Hank") this week (most of you know I consistently create...

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Beyond the Buying Cycle

by Hank Barnes  |  March 29, 2016

When I first joined Gartner, one of my first research efforts was focused on trying to define a graphical model that captured how B2B enterprises were approaching buying decisions.  ...

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Is marketing passion bringing you too close for comfort?

by Jennifer Polk  |  March 28, 2016

You've put blood, sweat and tears into it, dedicated countless hours to planning and analysis, and passionately persuaded others to get on board. It's your marketing program. Maybe it's the next...

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No Excuse For Poor Corporate Reputation And Customer Experience

by Augie Ray  |  February 20, 2016

The Harris Poll released its latest Reputation Quotient® Report, and while it contains the expected data about the importance and business benefits of good reputation, I was struck by the diversity...

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The Dangers of Assuming Context

by Hank Barnes  |  February 16, 2016

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they start mentioning (dropping?) names in  a manner where they clearly believe that you know exactly who they are talking...

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A New Gartner Event - Just for the Tech Provider Community

by Hank Barnes  |  February 9, 2016

As followers of this blog, I'm sure that many (if not all of you) have heard of or been to a Gartner event.  Whether a summit (on specific areas like...

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