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From Nano to Massive to Bio: Gartner’s Cool Vendors in 3D Printing 2016

by Pete Basiliere  |  May 12, 2016

Entrepreneurial startups are pushing 3D printing’s boundaries. Check out these examples of the next generation of 3D print technology innovation in technology that benefits consumers and enterprises. The seven 3D...

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More Thinking About 3D Printing: Insights from CloudDDM, SAP, Source3 and UPS

by Pete Basiliere  |  January 19, 2016

2% of $1.8 trillion. Imagine if $36 billion of inventories were 3D-printed — in the USA alone. Following on my previous post, here are some thoughts on what several CES and...

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Yes, Virginia, there is a place for a 3D printer in the home. Or not.

by Pete Basiliere  |  December 28, 2015

Maybe I am “affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age,” as the New York Sun’s editorial writer put it 118 years ago. 3D printers will never become as ubiquitous...

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Gartner Says Consumer 3D Printing Is More Than Five Years Away

by Pete Basiliere  |  August 19, 2014

Mainstream Consumer Adoption Will Take Time I blogged about our first Hype Cycle for 3D Printing when it was published. Our press release and the Hype Cycle graphic are...

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The Hype Cycle and Investing in 3D Print

by Pete Basiliere  |  July 22, 2014

The market for enterprise and consumer 3D printers and 3D printing is rapidly expanding. Gartner's first Hype Cycle for 3D Printing illuminates the landscape with its opportunities and potential pitfalls....

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3D Printing in China - Opportunities and Threats

by Pete Basiliere  |  May 27, 2014

A week in China is a fascinating experience — traveling through an exotic mix of the ancient and revered with the modern and fast-paced. Conversations with government executives and business...

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Autodesk Drives Into 3D Printing With a Hardware Play

by Pete Basiliere  |  May 15, 2014

Autodesk’s open-source 3D printer and Spark software platform for 3D printing affirm its commitment to advance the 3D printing market and could “spark” the market for low-cost stereolithography printers. On...

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Hadoop Summit EU 2014

by Joerg Fritsch  |  April 4, 2014

I wanted to blog about some impressions and personal notes that I made during the EU Hadoopsummit. First impression: it was a huge grab-bag and lots of fun. Vendors and...

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Will Kodak Prosper?

by Pete Basiliere  |  April 2, 2014

Kodak's new CEO, Jeff Clarke, has a taken on quite a challenge — rejuvenating the once iconic brand. With all of its expertise in imaging technologies and material science, Clarke...

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O Hadoop Users, Where Art Thou?

by Joerg Fritsch  |  March 18, 2014

One of my projects this year wants to clarify how companies can secure the Hadoop Ecosystem. The Hadoop ecosystem is huge and has many moving parts that are internally managed by...

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