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Gartner Looks Ahead to Digital Marketing in 2016

by Augie Ray  |  February 11, 2016

Digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, so at the beginning of each year, Gartner’s analysts dedicated to Marketing Leaders produce primer reports. These documents summarize the current state of key...

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Super Bowl or Super Bad? What Happened to Big Ad Moments During the Big Game?

by Jennifer Polk  |  February 9, 2016

Last night millions of viewers sat captivated, less by the disappointing rivalry between the Broncos and the Panthers, and more by the Super Bowl ads that ranged from bold to...

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Influencer Marketing: Trading on Trust

by Jennifer Polk  |  February 5, 2016

"It takes two to do the trust tango--the one who risks (the trustor) and the one who is trustworthy (the trustee); each must play their role.” ~ Charles H. Green, The...

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The Super Bowl of Ad Measurement

by Andrew Frank  |  February 5, 2016

Everybody’s blogging about Super Bowl 50 and advertising, for good reason: it provides an annual measure of the movement of the tectonic plates of media as the massive continent of...

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IBM iX, The Whole Egg, and the Agency of Tomorrow

by Jay Wilson  |  February 5, 2016

In just the past week, IBM Interactive Experience (IBM iX) announced three acquisitions of smaller agencies – Aperto and in Europe, along with Columbus, OH based Resource/Ammirati. It’s easy...

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Is Advertising Dead? (Super Bowl Edition)

by Martin Kihn  |  February 4, 2016

The Big Game is advertising's biggest night - a combination Raspberry Festival and Oscarcast. So it seems almost ungrateful to ask if in fact it's become a kind of parade...

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Super Bowl 50 Will Stream To Many Connected Devices—Should Marketers Care?

by Charles Golvin  |  February 4, 2016

"Super Bowl is here by golly, disapproval would be folly…" (with apologies to Tom Lehrer) In 2012 NBC provided access to Super Bowl XLVI to customers via digital streams from...

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Advertising's Secret Weapons: Widgets and Sharing

by Martin Kihn  |  January 28, 2016

This will be no news to the dynamo advertisers among you, but the rest of us -- well, we might be surprised to learn that those innocuous-looking widgets lurking in our browser's toolbar,...

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Finding Insight Outside the Bubble

by Julie Hopkins  |  January 22, 2016

I remember an early digital competitive review I did for my old agency. The client was a personal care brand. The only real digital assets to review for most of the...

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Is Social Advertising Killing Social Marketing?

by Jennifer Polk  |  January 14, 2016

Is social advertising killing all that was great about social marketing? Marketers, allegedly, entered into social marketing for a few reasons--evangelizing the brand, engaging online audiences, gaining audience or customer...

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