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Personas: A Lifestyle Change for a Healthier CX

by Jane Anne  |  March 17, 2017

It occurred to me last night that, if Customer Experience was a human body, personas would be healthy eating. Just like we know we should have and need personas, we...

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Metaphysics of the Marketing Hub

by Martin Kihn  |  March 10, 2017

Each year the domain of digital marketing gets closer to metaphysics. Think about the hub: a grand unified vision that in its ideal state should give us total knowledge of...

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Are Robots Taking Over Marketing?

by Andrew Frank  |  March 2, 2017

You’ve probably heard that 2017 is the year marketers are expected to overtake IT in technology spending (subscribers can read The State of Marketing 2016: What Gartner for Marketing Leaders'...

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How to Value a Sponsorship

by Martin Kihn  |  February 28, 2017

It's a truth universally acknowledged that some marketing tactics are harder to measure than others. Among the most difficult are sponsorships, which succeed in combining channels that are squiffy to...

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(Not So) Sweet Sixteen: Marketers Consolidate Social Media Tools

by Jay Wilson  |  February 24, 2017

Several years ago, when I was still working at an agency, we helped a large global client select a new set of social media marketing tools.  The client had been...

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"We Lost the Battle But Won the War": A Conversation with Megan Pagliuca

by Martin Kihn  |  February 21, 2017

As CEO of Omnicom Media Group’s Accuen since 2015, Megan Pagliuca has been inspiring the “next evolution of programmatic” – focusing on open pricing, automation and elevating machine-driven media from a...

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Suit Up for the Gartner Marketing Conference to See How an NBA Team Creates Winning Mobile Moments

by Mike Mcguire  |  February 21, 2017

NBA basketball games – good NBA basketball games – always have a dynamic ebb and flow of athleticism and coaching strategy with the fans amplifying the narrative of the game...

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Programmatic Pioneer: The Journey of John Nardone

by Martin Kihn  |  January 17, 2017

When he and his team placed the first two paid banner ads -- ever -- on Wired's online magazine,, back in 1994, John Nardone didn’t feel like a seer....

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Ten Commandments for Social Command Centers

by Christi Eubanks  |  September 16, 2016

Nearly a decade into existence and social marketing is fledgling when it comes to proving business value. Marketers insist that social is important at every stage of the customer journey,...

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Four Ways to Drive Digital Commerce Innovation

by Jennifer Polk  |  July 14, 2016

Digital commerce exemplars don’t merely convert their product catalogues into ecommerce sites and mobile commerce applications. Leaders in commerce achieve success by disrupting the customer buying journey itself, starting with...

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