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Latitude and Longitude - locations matter when acquiring Office 365

by Stephen White  |  April 26, 2016

In alignment with many software publishers financial reporting currency and headquarters, experience shows us that a number of international organizations choose to acquire software licensing in US Dollars,. For over a decade this trend...

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Microsoft SAM and Licensing Part 2 - How Will Change Impact Client Services

by Stephen White  |  April 20, 2016

Yesterday's initial episode of this two part series raised some questions regarding Microsoft announcement that licensing and SAM competencies are being retired, today we delve into some potential impacts Licensing...

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Microsoft Calls Time on SAM and Licensing Competencies - Part 1

by Stephen White  |  April 19, 2016

IT leaders and their teams often rely on third parties to deliver services and provide guidance. Microsoft last week announced a change which impacts the route through which capable partners and...

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Are Enterprise Software Agreements a Critical Foundation for SaaS Adoption Success?

by Stephen White  |  March 7, 2016

  As application software publishers progressively transition their business models to SaaS subscriptions, conventional licensing programmes and contracts remain a key mechanism for clients to agree commercials and commitments beyond a single year....

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The Ripples Change Their Size But Never Leave The Stream

by Stephen White  |  January 29, 2016

As many mourn the passing of David Bowie this month, and one considers the extent of his impact over more than four decades, it's interesting to ponder how much has changed during that...

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Cutting Cellular Reimbursements: Will This Really Save Money For Enterprises?

by Phillip Redman  |  April 17, 2009

One of the more heated internal debates in while has been whether companies should stop reimbursing employees for cellular phone costs.  A number of large companies are thinking of this...

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Modernizing core HR

by Thomas Otter  |  March 30, 2009

While at the Benz museum, (see earlier posts) I snapped these pictures of the time entry system that the factory used.   As organizations grapple with a very different economy...

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“There is (information) gold in them there (data) hills”

by Andrew White  |  December 10, 2008

I was trolling my email “inbox” this morning and I read with interest an email from a vendor I met recently at a briefing.  In November, Panjiva updated me on...

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measuring twice, cutting once.

by Thomas Otter  |  December 6, 2008

  (photo from English Cut, one day, I hope to have a suit made there) There is a lot of excellent cost optimization research going on here at Gartner, and...

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