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Tech Growth and Innovation & The Power of 24 Hour Tech

by Jessica Ekholm  |  February 17, 2017

I am very excited to be part of our up coming event Tech Growth and Innovation Conference in LA on the 19-21st of June this year. We have a stellar...

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Digital Banking and the Role of APIs, Apps and App Stores

by Kristin Moyer  |  December 11, 2013

  Open banking uses APIs, apps and app stores to create radically different approaches to identity, data and intelligence, access and delivery, and location and context (customers, please see this...

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Mobile Bank Apps – Will App Store Ratings Improve?

by Rajesh Kandaswamy  |  November 5, 2013

One would think that an industry that does not deal in physical goods would be positioned well to use internet and mobile channels to engage with its customers. Surprisingly, the...

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Startups from DisruptSF - Voxel

by Vassil Mladjov  |  September 13, 2013

Here is another interesting startup that I met at DisruptSF this week, Voxel. Voxel is an ad preview for mobile apps. I think they will be able to help all...

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Order From Chaos: Creating A Standard For Mobile App Management And Secuity

by Phillip Redman  |  May 17, 2013

If there's one thing the mobile industry is known for is standards.  There's a lot of them. In networking technology you have multiple Wi-Fi standards in use, 80.211 a, b,...

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The continuing story of Privacy Mirror

by Ian Glazer  |  January 21, 2011

For those of you interested in my ongoing tinkering with Facebook to explore how apps gain access to data, I have added a few more observations here. The short version...

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I “like” you, but I hate your apps – Part 2: Desires and Expectations

by Ian Glazer  |  January 20, 2011

In my last post, I contrasted the nature of our relationships with the nature of our relationships when apps are involved. In this post, I will examine the desires and...

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I "like" you, but I hate your apps – Part 1: The nature of relationships

by Ian Glazer  |  January 14, 2011

As I sat in my in-laws’ living room on Christmas, I realized that there were far more than just the 17 of us there. Almost everyone of us had our...

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Most Things Being Equal, The Apps have It

by Phillip Redman  |  November 5, 2010

We are now fully in the era of the smartphone.  At no other time have we had such numerous choices of quality devices from companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Apple,...

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We are the disrobots

by Ian Glazer  |  October 21, 2010

Our technology and our society have reached a point where our privacy can be automatically impinged. We have fully automated disrobing ourselves. We have created the disrobot - a machine...

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