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Economic Growth Focus Turns to Africa as the BRIC Start to Splutter

by Richard Gordon  |  August 27, 2013

In all the years I've been researching IT markets, one big elephant in the room has always been Africa. In relation to global technology trends and their economic impact, this...

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Well done Ushahidi

by Thomas Otter  |  June 7, 2009

Sometimes with web 2.0 technologies I feel as if I'm seeing demos of solutions looking for problems in a technology bubble, but this example really shows how mashups, text messaging...

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When Data isn't Data yet

by Andreas Bitterer  |  September 18, 2008

Sometimes it helps talking to a different set of clients to get a reality check. In my world, where all that's needed is broadband and an airport (I'm exaggerating a...

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