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Ballmer: up close and personal...

by Jack Santos  |  August 26, 2013

I first met Steve Ballmer around 1988 over breakfast at the then newly built Boston Harbor Hotel. Even then, Steve's reputation preceded him: master marketer, the business brains of Microsoft...

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Jim Sinur is Switching Channels

by Jim Sinur  |  April 22, 2013

It’s been a great run, here at Gartner, but all good things must end. I am retiring as of May 1st, 2013, but I am hoping you follow me to...

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What the Most Recent Zero Day in IE Should Teach Us

by Neil Macdonald  |  September 22, 2012

  I saw yesterday that Microsoft had released the out of band patch for Internet Explorer as they had committed to do. Certainly, Microsoft’s motivation to quickly release the patch...

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Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore: The Early Bird Gets the Worm

by Jim Sinur  |  February 9, 2012

You can get the early bird special of $300.00 off, if you act now. Budgets are fresh and you need process innovation for revenue generation and cost optimization. Don’t Think...

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Windows 8 Raises the Bar for Security

by Neil Macdonald  |  September 28, 2011

I’ve been out the past two weeks visiting with clients and have been meaning to summarize my impression of the upcoming Windows 8 (expected mid 2012) from a security point...

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The Single Most Important Way to Improve Endpoint Security

by Neil Macdonald  |  August 23, 2011

Run more of your Windows users without administrator rights. I’ve talked about this several times before – including here, here and here. While it may not be feasible to remove...

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Full Drive Encryption is not just for Laptops

by Neil Macdonald  |  August 22, 2011

I’ve had two discussions with clients today already on the role of full drive encryption ( FDE technologies such as Microsoft’s BitLocker, McAfee Total Protection, Sophos/Utimaco, Symantec PGP, Check Point,...

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Microsoft’s Forefront Endpoint Protection – Is it “Good Enough”?

by Neil Macdonald  |  August 4, 2011

Licensing changes for Microsoft’s enterprise endpoint antimalware protection solution that were announced in March at Microsoft’s MMS conference take affect this month. If you are licensed under Microsoft’s Core Client...

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Business Process Improvement at the US Symposium

by Jim Sinur  |  August 3, 2011

We think that the Gartner Symposium is the World's Most Important Gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives, but what is planned for the business process improvement? We are excited...

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