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2016 Holiday Ecommerce Tactics Build on 2015 Successes

by Kirsten Newbold  |  October 21, 2016

With the holidays fast approaching, there is no shortage of last minute ecommerce advice to be had. Realistically, if you haven’t planned for it by now, you’re down to last...

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Is Your Cyber Security Awareness Month a Disaster?

by Perry Carpenter  |  October 20, 2016

Just in time for you to mourn any missteps you may have made in planning for Cyber Security Awareness Month, my colleague Joanna Huisman and I present the 10 most...

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Doing What Was Once Unfathomable

by Pete Basiliere  |  October 20, 2016

Located in a vibrant, evolving, innovative Silicon Valley neighborhood, FATHOM is a little known company that you need to know about. On the surface, FATHOM provides 3D printing equipment and...

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What to Consider Before Upgrading Your Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud Edition

by Adnan Zijadic  |  October 19, 2016

My recent research highlights some of the key considerations you need to make before upgrading your Sales or Service Cloud Lightning edition, as some may have been proposed to do...

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Networking VendorMath

by Andrew Lerner  |  October 19, 2016

Vendormath...We've all seen looks something like this… From the vendor's perspective, it always shows that “our stuff” is sooo much better financially than "their stuff" (note: a slight deviation...

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The New Digital Security Organization

by Earl Perkins  |  October 17, 2016

Information Technology isn't what it used to be, is it? At one point we were focused on a relatively fixed set of infrastructure and software- mainframe computers, mid-range computers, servers,...

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A toast to mavericks, whomever you are

by Tom Austin  |  October 14, 2016

A toast to mavericks, down with specialization myopia and up with cultivating a breadth of abilities Interesting piece A 1951 look at (and contemporary commentary on) what people can...

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Network One-Liners

by Andrew Lerner  |  October 7, 2016

The most important things in life are often quite simple, and this certainly applies to networking... So, here are nine network one-liners (slogans perhaps) for a total of less than 70 words... should...

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Is Feudalism Is Preventing the Factory of the Future?

by Simon Jacobson  |  October 7, 2016

Industrie 4.0, smart manufacturing, and the IoT continue to paint ambitious images of manufacturing's future.  Today manufacturers struggle to overcome their hierarchical legacies.  The concept of free market feudalism doesn’t jive...

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Driving Data-Driven Insights Into Every Marketing Decision (or How I Came To Love Analytics As an ENFP)

by Simon Yates  |  October 6, 2016

I took my Myers-Briggs test again recently. I first took the test during orientation at my first real job after college almost 25 years ago (gulp!). It told me that...

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