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Do Software Vendors Want Your [Small] Business?

by Anthony Bradley  |  April 27, 2017

About a month ago I had an interesting conversation with a marketing leader from a software vendor. The company was unhappy with their product’s placement in a FrontRunners quadrant (FRQ)....

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Marketing content or content marketing?

by Kirsten Newbold  |  April 26, 2017

Every day I get to talk with clients about content. All sorts of content. How do you build a content strategy? How can we hire great content marketers? What tools...

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CEOs - Use Three Questions To Find Your Leapfrog Digital Business Strategy

by Mark Raskino  |  April 26, 2017

Recently I read a business news article about a techquisition. A large traditional model company bought a smaller online-only company that had invaded its sector. They paid a high price. The...

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The Customer Experience of the Future

by Jessica Ekholm  |  April 24, 2017

Greater competition and growing user power have eroded traditional product- and service-based differentiation. Many businesses see the customer experience (CX) as a sustainable source of competitive differentiation. In addition, disruptive...

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China Trip Report - April 2017

by Adam Ronthal  |  April 20, 2017

I had an opportunity to visit a number of vendors on my recent trip to China... the primary purpose of the trip was to attend Huawei's Global Analyst Summit in...

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Agile Maturity Assessments - Use Wisely or Not at All

by David Norton  |  April 20, 2017

Method and process people are like salespeople, first knocking on your door selling a new method,   then they are back with a framework, and finally, they turn up with an...

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Cool Network Vendors 2017

by Andrew Lerner  |  April 18, 2017

Every year, we publish Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking to highlight lesser-known vendors doing cool things in the networking market. Coolness is certainly subjective, and my wife (or anyone who knew me...

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Retailers, When In A Hole - Stop Digging

by Robert Hetu  |  April 17, 2017

The recent spate of store closings will do nothing but hasten the decline of physical retail, while providing only short term profitability gains. Okay, so I know the US is...

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Hadoop FAQs - April Webinar Q&A

by Merv Adrian  |  April 16, 2017

Nick Heudecker and I received numerous questions during our April Hadoop webinar with several hundred attendees, and we have summarized and answered them below. How can Hadoop-Spark interface with conventional RDBMS such as Oracle/UDB/Teradata...

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