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Open Position at Gartner for a PaaS/Cloud/Technology Enthusiast

by Yefim Natis  |  May 2, 2015

Gartner has an open position in the group that follows cloud application infrastructure and architecture. You get to work with such prominent Gartner analysts as Massimo Pezzini, Anne Thomas, Benoit...

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Tune into the Cloud: Price Tag

by Gregor Petri  |  May 2, 2015

Tune into: cloud margins. One of the most famous quotes of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is "Your Margin is My Opportunity". This illustrates nicely how in the world of Amazon...

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Ok, We Get it, Docker's Great. But what for?

by Richard Watson  |  May 1, 2015

By now, we've all heard "Docker, Docker, Docker" coming from every available channel. Ok, we get it, Docker's great. But what can you use it for? I'm not much of a...

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Your Home Will Be Connected. Here Are Three Options.

by Pete Basiliere  |  May 1, 2015

Innovation in the connected home environment is flourishing, leading to more intelligent and integrated connected home platforms. Based on the 2014 Gartner consumer survey, 16% of U.S. online households (equivalent...

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Smart Machines Enjoy Full Employment

by Robert Hetu  |  April 30, 2015

But what about people? Not so much. Smart machines, deep neural networks, robots, packages that know exactly where they are going, delivery drones. The list goes on, creating a future...

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In the Era of Multichannel Marketing, Leaven the Data with Some Empathy

by Mike Mcguire  |  April 30, 2015

 A word-of-the-day post.  Pray tell, Mike, you're saying to yourself, what is the word-of-the day?  Empathy.  When the game of marketing gets to be as complicated as it is now,...

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People Platform to Take Center Stage in Unit4 Re-branding

by Robert Anderson  |  April 28, 2015

Unit4’s products fit smack-dab in the ERP domain I cover: services industries. Its products are designed around people-centric businesses like public sector, professional services, education, not for profits, and real...

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Is OpenStack a Success?

by Alan Waite  |  April 27, 2015

Sure it is. Of course one has to define the measurement criteria before declaring something a success, and that is where many organizations fall down with OpenStack. There is no...

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Cloud ERP Showdown to Heat Up With SAP ByDesign on HANA

by Robert Anderson  |  April 22, 2015

I recently met with Dr. Michael Schmidt and Rainer Zinow, both principals from SAP's cloud-based ByDesign ERP team and can only conclude that contrary to much editorial speculation over the...

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by Robert Hetu  |  April 21, 2015

The impact of digital business and the IoT on retail will require advanced analytic capabilities to support real- time decision making that's required to take advantage of momentary business opportunities....

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