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A Market of One: A Note to All Innovators

by Jenny Sussin  |  May 13, 2015

Working in technology today is...interesting. The pace of innovation is unlike anything we've ever seen. Seriously, it's unlike anything we have ever seen in the history of mankind. So there...

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When your own innovation is overtaken before delivery - Ford Motor Company

by Andrew White  |  May 4, 2015

Front page US edition of today's Financial Times: Ford axes heart-attack detection seat as wearable s overtake car-maker's research.  A really interesting article reports on how Ford quietly dropped its current...

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Cool Vendors in Life Science

by Michael Shanler  |  April 24, 2015

Last week, Stephen Davies and I published the Cool Vendors report for Life Science.    The vendors mentioned are all relative new comers (either by incorporation date, or they have recently...

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Two Main Questions about Big Data

by Svetlana Sicular  |  April 16, 2015

More and more people describe the speed of big data technologies in dog years. In the lightning-fast cadence (“fail fast”), considerations for actual technical professionals who are deploying big data...

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First Crop of R&D Cool Vendors

by Michael Shanler  |  April 13, 2015

After what felt like New England winter that would never end…Spring is finally here.  Daylight hours are stretching, the rays of gold are streaking through the tall pines, and most...

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The UK's Productivity Puzzle (and how IT can help)

by Andrew White  |  March 20, 2015

After blogging only the other day about the importance of productivity over employment to the U.S. economy (see Economic Minute #7: The Growth that Doesn't Satisfy), I noted with some...

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The Day of the Technician is Over. The Time of the Chief Data Officer has Begun.

by Andrew White  |  March 17, 2015

OK so I am a little over the top with hype.  And I clearly am a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies.  But ignoring all this, I really...

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The 90’s Called – They Want Their Channel Program Back!

by Tiffani Bova  |  March 4, 2015

Channel programs have been developed by technology vendors to manage and enable their indirect channel partners and create a certain level of consistency and brand loyalty for decades. For technology...

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Mobile Gaming is Dumbing Down PC Gaming - part 2

by Andrew White  |  February 18, 2015

I blogged on this topic recently: Why Mobile Gaming is Killing our High Tech Industry - though Doom and id Software may yet help... I claimed that dollars spent to...

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Is it fair to ask: can you outsource innovation?

by Andrew White  |  February 18, 2015

There was an interesting story on the front page of the U.S. Print edition of today's Wall Street journal, the Business & Tech section.  The article is called, Why GM...

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