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How To Know if a Robot Will Take Your Marketing Job

by Martin Kihn  |  March 27, 2015

Leave it to M.I.T. to make us realize, once again, how mentally mundane we are. I speak here as a human being. A relatively recent book from two non-robots at...

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Headless Commerce Monetizes Moments of Truth

by Jake Sorofman  |  March 25, 2015

Who needs storefronts and shopping carts when experiences themselves can be merchandised? Welcome to the age of shoppable everything. Here, banner ads, lookbooks, videos, images are made shoppable, enabling brands...

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Carl Jung speaking to the CIO about CRM.

by Michael Maoz  |  March 25, 2015

If your summer travels take you to the Zürichsee, or, if you are on the upper course, the Obersee, look for the signs for the Bollingen Tower, built in the...

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The Hard Work of Getting Better Insights from Social and Mobile Investments: Why You Need to Do it Now

by Julie Hopkins  |  March 24, 2015

Ask anyone on the Gartner for Marketing Leaders team, and they’ll tell you the last few weeks have been a production blitz. We’re all putting finishing touches on our conference...

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The Personification of Digital Marketing

by Andrew Frank  |  March 20, 2015

Digital marketing has been a wellspring of new and re-purposed vocabulary. From “1st-party data” through “engagement,” and “programmatic” to “verification” this industry has not been shy about injecting words with...

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Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing And The Bottom Line

by Adam Sarner  |  March 20, 2015

Over the last 12 months, Mobile Marketing has become the new Social, but both have enormous still untapped opportunity. Like all new technology triggers and techniques, Social Marketing enjoyed a...

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Customer Experience Starts with Empathy

by Jake Sorofman  |  March 18, 2015

Most every company says they’re customer centric. Some actually believe it. But companies that are truly customer centric walk the talk. They translate high-minded words into daily deeds. These companies...

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Marketing, Signaling and the Placebo Effect

by Brian Iverson  |  March 13, 2015

Is it possible that marketing might make us happier and healthier? I'm going to assume that the following assertions are acceptable to readers: The placebo effect is real, which is hardly controversial given...

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4 New New Things from Adobe Summit 2015

by Martin Kihn  |  March 13, 2015

Gone are the days of sitting on the floor at the Little America hotel, waiting for the slides to cue, as you talked eVars and sProps with the guy from...

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Content Marketing in the Age of the Robo Writer

by Jake Sorofman  |  March 11, 2015

If you saw The Imitation Game or if you’re at all familiar with the principles behind artificial intelligence, you probably know about the Turing Test. It’s a measure of a...

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