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Marketing Measurement Is As Much About Organization As It Is Analytics And Tools

by Laura Mclellan  |  April 24, 2015

No one debates the importance of measuring marketing effectiveness in terms of business outcomes. But the approach taken often fails to take into account the people and process changes required,...

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The Age of the Full-Stack Marketer

by Jake Sorofman  |  April 22, 2015

You’ve probably heard the now-classic Gartner prediction that, by 2017, the CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO. It’s news to exactly no one that marketing—once seen as...

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3 Reasons Amazon should strike fear and inspiration into the heart of B2B marketers

by Kirsten Newbold  |  April 16, 2015

While in the throes of recent research on B2B commerce, I couldn’t help but notice an escalating undercurrent of mentions of, the B2B arm of the world’s largest internet...

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Measuring Content Performance: A Conversation with SAP’s Jung Suh

by Jake Sorofman  |  April 16, 2015

Gartner analyst Kirsten Newbold-Knipp and I recently published a research note called “Content Marketing Comes of Age” (Gartner for Marketing Leaders subscription required), which set out to identify and shine...

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Ad Tech Confusion, Future Marketing Infusion And Solutions

by Adam Sarner  |  April 10, 2015

The large Ad Tech area still confuses many marketers, including some of the providers, as they continue to evolve from multiple versions of themselves. This fragmented ecosystem is made up...

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Multichannel Campaign Management in 2015

by Adam Sarner  |  April 7, 2015

Nine trends are driving the MCCM market in 2015: Need for unified access to data: MCCM vendors increasingly focus on supporting multichannel marketers that want more data at the point...

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10 Ways to Get Your Creative Mojo Back

by Jake Sorofman  |  April 7, 2015

Last week, I cooled my heels in the southernmost climes of Key West. This week, I returned with the benign hangover that accompanies even the most wholesome of holidays: vacation...

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Can Social Media Be the Gateway to Digital Commerce in Mexico?

by Kirsten Newbold  |  April 2, 2015

Globally, adoption of digital commerce is extremely patchy despite the fact that online consumers will grow 50% by 2018 reaching 1.623 billion shoppers according to the recent United Nations Conference...

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The #1 Way to Improve Your Marketing Pitch

by Martin Kihn  |  April 2, 2015

Stop saying, "Right?" You know what I'm talking about. It's crept into conversations, pitches, job interviews, press conferences, new product releases and conference presentations; it's the new version of "Uhhh"...

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Y'all Come! (to San Diego)

by Julie Hopkins  |  April 2, 2015

You ever sit there and wonder how or when certain “files” in your brain were created? On one hand, I know exactly why the words of the “Diff’rent Strokes” theme song...

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