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Thought for the Day: Have the CIO and CDO Gotten Their Job Titles Mixed UP?

by Andrew White  |  May 9, 2016

I was on a call - I am not sure which one now - and someone said what I thought was funny: Technically, the CIO and CDO roles are mixed...

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A Magic Quadrant Parabasis

by Michael Maoz  |  May 4, 2016

The Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center published this morning ( - for clients), and though I risk running afoul of the rules in Robert Hartwell Fiske's Dictionary of...

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Meet a CIO with fabulous talent management skills and you'll met a successful business.

by Michael Maoz  |  April 14, 2016

A friend of mine is in the process of returning a Nok terracotta sculpture that he'd bought at the dawn of time from a dealer who might not have had...

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Isn’t it about time that the CIO set out on a customer journey?

by Michael Maoz  |  April 6, 2016

CIOs are often described as business leaders. That is true in the same way a parent might say they are the father of their country. Yes, they are a father,...

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Ting the butcher, P’ien the carpenter, and you, the CIO.

by Michael Maoz  |  March 11, 2016

Just after two weeks visiting over 32 Gartner clients across Asia, one can be forgiven for coming back to this outpost in the West and carrying with me the Daoist...

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Who is teaching the CIO about empathy in process design?

by Michael Maoz  |  March 8, 2016

In a few hours from now I will publish new research on empathy in the design of customer processes. The piece explores empathy for the employee and empathy for the...

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New Research: Top 10 Things CIOs and CDOs Need to Know About Algorithmic Business

by Andrew White  |  March 7, 2016

My colleague Ala Duncan and some others just published: Top 10 Things CIOs and CDOs Need to Know About Algorithmic Business. Algorithmic business is vital for growth in the digital...

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Data and Analytic Topics on the minds of CIO's

by Andrew White  |  February 24, 2016

I had the good fortune to be present at our US CIO Leadership Forum in Phoenix, Arizona this week.  I was presenting on Open Data and How to Monetize Information...

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New Research: Shift From a Project to an Asset Perspective to Properly Value and Fund IT Investments

by Andrew White  |  January 26, 2016

My colleagues Michael Smith and Doug Laney just published this note:  Shift From a Project to an Asset Perspective to Properly Value and Fund IT Investments. As IT grows more pervasive,...

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Complex CRM Cloud deployments Have that familiar feeling of complexity

by Michael Maoz  |  January 25, 2016

This morning I was going over a fairly complex Business-to-Consumer customer support implementation of one of the many Cloud CRM providers. About five minutes into the review a catchy tune...

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