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New Data and Analytics Research: Chief Data Officers and Logical Data Warehouse

by Andrew White  |  May 22, 2017

Alan Duncan and colleagues just published Chief Data Officers Must Foster Trusted Relationships Using Data and Analytics. Trust between parties is crucial to driving value yet hard to characterize, especially when...

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New Research: CDO's Handbook; Enterprise Metadata Management, and Analytic Capabilities

by Andrew White  |  May 8, 2017

My colleague Guido De Simoni just published Use Enterprise Metadata Management to Extend Information Governance to Analytics. Enterprise metadata management is key to the efficient and effective reuse of analytics across...

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What Role Integration in Digital Transformation?

by Andrew White  |  May 4, 2017

I was on a briefing with a vendor that is a well-known integration vendor.  They offer a platform that is cloud-based which supports application integration (operational data), data integration (analytical...

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New Research: Storytelling to Increase your Data Literacy and Customer Data Hubs

by Andrew White  |  March 17, 2017

My colleague James Richardson just published Use Three Elements of Data Storytelling for Maximum Impact. Storytelling is an ancient human skill, but using data to tell stories is relatively new. Data...

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The Changing Face (and Scope) of the Chief Digital Officer

by Andrew White  |  March 13, 2017

It's all in name.  Or so we thought.  At our recent Data and Analytics Summit we presented a new session titled, "Reimaging your Data and Analytics Organization for Digital Business"...

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Gartner's Data and Analytics Summit 2017 Keynote - Some thoughts

by Andrew White  |  February 20, 2017

As I sat through the keynote I made some notes to record my observations and key messages I noted.  I thought it worthwhile to share them - so here you...

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New Research: What the CDO Needs to Know about AI and Applied Infonomics

by Andrew White  |  December 19, 2016

My colleagues Jamie Popkin and Doug Laney just published (with help from their friends) two existing pieces of research: Chief Data Officer Desk Reference for Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is...

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New Research: Predicts 2017: Analytics Strategy and Technology

by Andrew White  |  December 5, 2016

My colleague Kurt Schlegel and friends just published Predicts 2017: Analytics Strategy and Technology. Data and analytics leaders will increasingly benefit from the automation of data science tasks to make both...

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New Research: Predicts 2017: Licensing, Legal and Language Lessons for Data and Analytics Leaders

by Andrew White  |  November 28, 2016

My colleague Doug Laney and friends just published Predicts 2017: Licensing, Legal and Language Lessons for Data and Analytics Leaders. As information becomes an acknowledged, if not formally recognized, business asset,...

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Gartner's Second Annual Chief Data Officer Survey is Out!

by Andrew White  |  November 11, 2016

Gartner Predicts 15 Percent of Successful Chief Data Officers Will Move to CEO, COO, CMO or Other C-Level Positions by 2020 Gartner Survey Finds That 30 Percent of CDOs Report...

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