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New Research: Domain Analytics: Harnessing the Pervasive Nature of Analytics

by Andrew White  |  October 19, 2016

My colleague Valerie Logan and friends just published Domain Analytics: Harnessing the Pervasive Nature of Analytics. Domain analytics refers to the collective set of analytics applied across all industry verticals and...

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A Tale of Two Data Stories at Symposium - On Analytics/BI and Chief Digital/Data Officers

by Andrew White  |  October 18, 2016

  One Person's Business Intelligence (BI) I had a rather challenging 1-1 with a client this week.  It was set up thus:  "We need to develop a new Business Intelligence...

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Social Media Monitoring - Or Is It Surveillance?

by Jenny Sussin  |  October 17, 2016

Over the last week, there have been a series of articles dumping on one particular social media monitoring application that was allegedly using an unethical value proposition to market its...

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New Research: Hot New Research on Spending on BI and Analytics, and Chief Data Officer (CDO)

by Andrew White  |  October 14, 2016

My colleagues just published some research based on some new surveys. Rita Salam and Cindi Howson just published Survey Analysis: Business Intelligence and Analytics Spending Intentions, 2016. Cloud BI, columnar/in-memory databases,...

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Better Data or Better Algorithms?

by Anton Chuvakin  |  October 4, 2016

An eternal question of this big data age is: what to choose, BETTER DATA or BETTER ALGORITHMS? So far, most [but not all!] of the deception users we interacted with...

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New Research: Digital Colonization and Real-time Analytics

by Andrew White  |  September 29, 2016

There were quite a few notes just published.  Here is a summary. Thomas Oestreich just published Maverick* Research: The Era of Digital Colonization. Performing some analytics in real time is a...

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In Search of Meaningful Metrics - Part II

by Andrew White  |  September 29, 2016

    The alternative title for this blog is, "The Difference between Data and Analytic -and it makes a big difference." In the US print edition of today's Financial Times...

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In Search of Meaningful Metrics

by Andrew White  |  September 23, 2016

The use of leading indicators can help in presaging disaster or opportunity.  We all know this.  But it can be very difficult to select the right indicator.  Take the complex...

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Centaur Intelligence: Half-Human, Half Machine

by Svetlana Sicular  |  September 20, 2016

I call the symbiosis of a man and a machine Centaur Intelligence, in which the head is always human: people do at what they excel — curiosity, creativity and compassion....

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