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Speaking at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit London 2016

by Anton Chuvakin  |  August 23, 2016

Gartner Security Summit London 2016 is coming soon – and this time I will be there! Here is my traditional blog post summarizing my speaking at this event (London, UK...

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Uncovering Growth Opportunities in the Transforming Business Analytics Market

by Jim Hare  |  August 12, 2016

This week I presented a webinar to help high tech providers understand the latest market trends, which segments are growing the fastest, and how to respond to take advantage of...

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New Research: Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics

by Andrew White  |  July 29, 2016

My colleagues Kurt Schlegel, Melissa Davis and Gareth Herschel just published two more hype cycles that completes our set of Hype Cycles for Data and Analytics: Hype Cycle for Business...

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New Research: Updated IT Score for BI and Hype Cycle's for Information Infrastructure, Information Governance and MDM

by Andrew White  |  July 11, 2016

Out team published a couple of notes today. Cindy Howson and Alan Duncan just updated our IT Score for Business Intelligence and Analytics. Gartner's maturity model gives data and analytics...

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New Research: Select the Right Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool for the Right User

by Andrew White  |  May 24, 2016

My colleague, Cindi Howson, just published this note: Select the Right Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool for the Right User. Data and analytics leaders want to reduce the complexity of...

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New Research: Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2016

by Andrew White  |  May 20, 2016

My colleague Gareth Herschel and others just published this note: Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2016. This report profiles five innovative vendors that are redefining the types of analysis that it is...

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New Research: Three Steps to Yield the Most Value From Your Customer Data Using Analytics

by Andrew White  |  May 13, 2016

One of my colleagues, Melissa Davis, just published this note: Three Steps to Yield the Most Value from your Customer Data Using Analytics. Data and analytics leaders are challenged as...

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New Research: How to Make the Business Case for Learning Analytics

by Andrew White  |  April 26, 2016

My colleague, Alan Duncan, just published a note: How to Make the Business Case for Learning Analytics. In making the business case for learning analytics, education CIOs must ensure that...

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Balancing Data and Analytics Governance

by Svetlana Sicular  |  April 26, 2016

If you hear someone saying “D&A” it is not “DNA.” D&A stands for “Data and Analytics.” (Not “Depreciation and Amortization” or “Drug and Alcohol.”) The term “Information” has been confusing for...

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Cool Vendors in Life Science

by Michael Shanler  |  April 18, 2016

Allegra, Benadryl, Sudafed, Flonase, Claritin, Zyrtec, Tavist…. Why mention these drugs at this point in time?   Well…Spring is finally here.    Each season many of us spend some quality time with...

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