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Back to SIEM Research!

by Anton Chuvakin  |  May 2, 2014  |  6 Comments

Now that my threat intelligence research project is wrapping up, I am going to be spending my summer in SIEM!

Here is what I have in mind for the next few months:

  1. An architectural blueprint (a new type of GTP document) on SIEM that will depict one good way of architecting Security Information and Event Management across a large organization
  2. A detailed list of SIEM tool evaluation criteria, a document that I always wanted to create in order to cover – to a painful level of detail – a set of technical features and capabilities that an enterprise-capable SIEM should have (it would be a little reminiscent of our SIEM RFP toolkit, but with stronger focus on product – rather than vendor – requirements)
  3. Updates to my past SIEM documents [see below], one on operational practices (with its own SIEM success guidance framework!) and one on the technology landscape.

Just as a reference, my published Gartner research on SIEM includes (GTP access required):

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