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Wearable Electronics at CES

by Angela McIntyre  |  January 15, 2013  |  Comments Off

I was looking out for wearable electronics at CES. Here are some that caught my attention…

Aftershokz ( – bone (tissue) conduction headset sits in front of the ear. Let’s you hear communications while “keeping your ears open” to hear what is going on around you. Bone conduction is useful for first responders who need to hear ambient noises for safety. Aftershokz is marketed to athletes and other active persons, who for example, want to listen to music, but also need to hear traffic noises while on-the-go.

MC10 ( – concussion monitor beanie. Athletes and kids participating in contact sports can wear this skullcap under their helmet. It monitors whether a collision or fall took place that may have resulted in a concussion. The monitor could detect the smaller concussions, which may otherwise go unnoticed and untreated, resulting in brain damage.
MC10 also announced their hydration monitor, which is a thin, tattoo-like sensor that adheres to the skin under a band-aid. It can be used by athletes and others to advise them when to take a drink.

GeoPalz ( – activity tracker for kids. Devices come in kid-friendly characters to be more fun to wear. Parents can track metrics, e.g., number of steps, calories, and sleep. Kids may choose to join more fitness activities to boost their GeoPalz scores and win prizes. Rewards keep kids motivated via gamification. School days are becoming shortened for cost savings, which results in fewer physical education classes in elementary schools and junior high. Schools may adopt fitness solutions such as GeoPalz as an alternative to regular physical education classes.

For fun…
Cra-Z-art ( – light-up blocks that are Lego compatible. What’s wearable about these? Snap together, connect the wires, and clip to clothes to get customizable, light-up fashion for kids age 6 through twelve. Here is the concept dress…

What have I been up to besides CES? One of my latest reports on is about innovations in smart fabrics,

Thank you for reading my blog!

- Angela

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