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Andrew White is a research vice president and agenda manager for MDM and Analytics at Gartner. His main research focus is master data management (MDM) and the drill-down topic of creating the "single view of the product" using MDM of product data. He was co-chair… Read Full Bio

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Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (customer and product master data) is GO, GO, GO!

by Andrew White  |  April 16, 2013  |  Comments Off

We sent out (actually my colleague Bill O’Kane did the work) emails yesterday to formally launch the research process that will lead to the publication of two Magic Quadrants later this year – MDM of Customer Data Solutions and MDM of Product Data Solutions.

If you are a software vendor that operates in either domain, and you did not get an email from Gartner about this process, please let me know.  We will remedy the issue right away.  For the rest of you, June 3rd is the main deadline for information, references and so on.  So we look forward to listening, learning, and talking with your customers!

Thanks, Andrew

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