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Delta Airlines, what have you done to your web page??????

by Andrew White  |  November 12, 2012  |  Comments Off


To Whom it May Concern

You have just ruined what had been an acceptable user experience.  One I almost didn’t notice (a sign of a good UI for what is boring, repeatable work).  Now I notice the UI in a big way since it has gotten worse!

Why is it that any vendor, architect, or web designer can justify an improvement in “customer service” or experience by adding more clicks to get to basic, repeatable tasks?  Honestly, its a joke.  As a frequent flyer for many years, what had been a simple, even straight forward web site for the 4 things I do a lot (check flights, check flight status, add to outlook, check in) I find the number of clicks per task has doubled (or more).  And that is after I have figured out the “new”, “easy” way to do thing.  Please, am I bonkers?  Where is the improved customer service?  Can you please save your money and bring back your old, boring, but functional site?

PS I don’t shop on – why would I?  I look for service.  That means specific information, in as short amount of time (and clicks) as possible.  Even the sign in has been made complicated!!!!!  My friend Chuck Murphy, Mr XPW, would be mortified to see what has happened.

Update Nov 13 2012.  I tried to find out where to add a flight to my Outlook calendar.  What a mess.  Here is the “improvement” –  before it took me (in clicks):  1) sign in, 2) select ‘my flights’, 3) select the flight, 4) select ‘add to outlook’.  Now it takes 6 or sometimes 7 to get to the same feature.  And it was less clear how to even find the feature in the first place since it was nested further down in the system.  Duh.

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