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Andrew White
Research VP
8 years at Gartner
22 years IT industry

Andrew White is a research vice president and agenda manager for MDM and Analytics at Gartner. His main research focus is master data management (MDM) and the drill-down topic of creating the "single view of the product" using MDM of product data. He was co-chair… Read Full Bio

Book Review: Multi-Domain Master Data Management, Allen/Cervo, 2015

by Andrew White  |  August 31, 2015

Book Review: Multi-Domain Master Data Management, Mark Allen and Dalton Cervo, Morgan Kaufmann, 2015. Of course I had to get this book, given I have been following MDM since it formed.  Well, after reading it I can say that the definitive book on MDM has still not been written.  This book has some good parts, […]

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The end of Big Data. It’s all over now.

by Andrew White  |  August 20, 2015

So there you have it.  After just a few short years, “big data” is no more.  It’s gone.  Kaput.  All over.  I jest, of course. Gartner retired the big data hype cycle this year.  Many have wondered about the wisdom of such a move.  Surely Gartner would not “kill off” big data?  What does this […]

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Timing is not in the Fed’s Favor (for a rate rise in September)

by Andrew White  |  August 18, 2015

An article in yesterday’s US print edition of the FT and one in the Wall Street Journal calls into stark contrast the risks the US government is facing.  Just at a time that China, fully representative of one third of the positive pull through in global growth in the current expansion (note the US only accounts […]

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Metadata: the data ‘gold standard’

by Andrew White  |  August 17, 2015

During a long period of time up and until the outbreak of the Great War, a gold standard was in use.  This gold standard was used to relate the value of one national currency to another: governments agreed that a fixed amount of gold in one country using its currency would purchase the same amount […]

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Patent Infringement on the Digital Product Design Transmission, not just the Product

by Andrew White  |  August 12, 2015

I saw an interesting article today in the US print edition of the Wall Street Journal.  It was called, “Digital-Patent Case Faces Skeptics“.  It seems that last year the US International Trade Commission ordered a US based company to cease receiving digital models and data from a company in Pakistan that were being used to […]

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The Coming Yuan and the Falling Dollar

by Andrew White  |  August 10, 2015

I actually wrote five blogs two weekend’s ago.  After writing this last one I realized I would not, could not, write anything more important.  The four others are, in order of writing:  Which Way is Up?  My argument for why the Fed won’t raise interest rates in September  The World is going to ‘hell in a […]

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It’s all in the data – Well, its classification

by Andrew White  |  August 6, 2015

I was speed last reading Friday’s Wall Street Journal.  It was early evening.  I hadn’t had time to read the paper at breakfast as I has stayed up the night before (reading, not playing PC games) and so had awoken a little later than normal.  I was cruising through the sections when I spied a headline […]

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Which Way is Up? U.S. Interest Rates and the case for 2016

by Andrew White  |  August 3, 2015

So the economists and market watchers are all agog with every twitch and signal from the Fed.  Everyone, even the barber, is on virtual tender hooks concerning when the Fed will raise interest rates.  Back in the spring everyone thought June was going to be the I-day – the day interest rates go up.  Economic […]

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The Rupture with Europe – Greece or Germany?

by Andrew White  |  July 30, 2015

I have to disagree with Marcel Fratzscher, who wrote an opinion piece in Tuesday’s Financial Times.  He wrote a column, “The Rupture Europe Must Avoid is with Germany“.  His argument is that Germany is in a bit of a funk over how it has been stigmatized (I am paraphrasing) by much of Europe over its […]

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An old PC gamer looking for strategy – ended up with FPS

by Andrew White  |  July 29, 2015

I was sitting down in front of my PC for 30 minutes quiet time.  So I browsed some of the new games on Steam- a cloud-based service that offers a range of PC-compatible game for a wide range of publishers.  Disclosure: Steam also supports Mac and i also use other services from Battlenet and Origin […]

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