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Andrew White
Research VP
8 years at Gartner
22 years IT industry

Andrew White is a research vice president and agenda manager for MDM and Analytics at Gartner. His main research focus is master data management (MDM) and the drill-down topic of creating the "single view of the product" using MDM of product data. He was co-chair… Read Full Bio

How Master Data Management Demand May Change in 2016

by Andrew White  |  November 26, 2015

I was reading my US copy of today’s Wall Street Journal and one of the front page articles caught me eye: Falling Corporate Profits Blur U.S. Growth Outlook.  My economic antenna immediately prickled at the title: falling profits at a time that the US Federal Research is looking to increase interest rates for the first […]

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The March of the Algorithms

by Andrew White  |  November 24, 2015

I was reading my print edition of the US Wall Street Journal this morning and I happened on a story on the front page of the Business & Technology section.  It was titled, The Tricky Math of Black Friday Bargains.  Please note a disclaimer – when I was a Supply Chain Management analyst some years […]

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The Rise of Global Supply Chains and the Impact on them of Exchange Rate

by Andrew White  |  November 19, 2015

There was a really interesting narrative in the recently published IMF World Economic Outlook.  I copy it here in full: “During the past several decades, international trade has been increasingly organized within so-called global value chains, with different stages of production distributed across different economies.  Production fragmentation has grown as economies increasingly specialize in adding […]

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How IT-based Productivity MIGHT Evolve in the next few Years…

by Andrew White  |  November 18, 2015

I was reading this week’s US print edition of the Economist and of course I was drawn to several articles: The Never Ending Story: First America, then Europe.  Now the debt crisis has reached emerging markets (Leader and Briefing). Wages: Looking for a Rise (United States). It was the second article that really caught my […]

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The Cloud – When Breaking Up Is Easy to Do

by Andrew White  |  November 12, 2015

A story, reported in both US print editions of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, suggests that Microsoft is going to assuage the recent European ruling that scrapped safe harbour.  Microsoft is hoping that by offering to store European data on servers in Germany, it can calm nervous customers that fear storing that […]

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Book Review: Decline to Fall – The Making of British Macro-Economic Policy and the 1976 IMF Crisis

by Andrew White  |  November 9, 2015

Book Review: Decline to Fall – The Making of British Macro-Economic Policy and the 1976 IMF Crisis, Douglas Wass, 2008, Oxford University Press. This is a most fascinating book written by a civil servant that was advising the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury Secretary) during one of Britain’s financial crisis.  This particular crisis I remember […]

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Book Review: Stone’s: The Irreconcilables – The Fight Against the League of Nations

by Andrew White  |  October 26, 2015

If ever there was a story written to be made into a block buster politcal drama – this is the one.  It takes place in 1919 (just think of all the splendour and sepia color pics), and concerns the sixty sixth congress of the United States and the battle for the ratification of the Treaty […]

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Book Review: Keynes’ The Economic Consequences of Peace

by Andrew White  |  October 26, 2015

It seems I never posted this – yet I read the book some time ago.  I keep referring to it so I thought I had better post my review. The Economic Consequences of Peace, John Maynard Keynes, 1919, Cosimo Classics.  I wish that my history teacher had included this short book in his reading list.  […]

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Standards, a Standard! My Business for a (healthcare) Standard!

by Andrew White  |  October 19, 2015

You recognize the title of this blog as you have heard it (likely) many times in the past, in reference to a horse.  Of course, the next line in the play is, “Withdraw, my lord; I’ll help you to a horse.”   The famous horse line came to me as I read this Health Data […]

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The Funny Side of (poor) Data Quality

by Andrew White  |  October 16, 2015

I confess – I worked at a software vendor for 9 years before working at Gartner.  In that work I did many things – among them I lead marketing.  In that role I actually used Gartner’s services, along with AMR, Forrester, ARC, Aberdeen and  more.  After now being an end-user, a vendor, and an analyst, you […]

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