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Social Media and Big Data Put New Power in the Hands of Digital Marketers

by Andrew Frank  |  February 28, 2013  |  Comments Off

If there was any doubt that social media and big data are joining forces to revolutionize marketing, this announcement from Facebook should put it to rest: “Today, we’re expanding custom audiences to allow businesses to use Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, and BlueKai to further enhance the ads they run on Facebook.” In other words, marketers will [...]

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Mobile Marketers and Publishers Face Growing Pains

by Andrew Frank  |  February 22, 2013  |  Comments Off

Last fall, my colleague Stephanie Baghdassarian and I found ourselves in an interesting situation. We were working on our annual mobile advertising forecast (subscription required), and the data was telling us that mobile advertising revenue worldwide was growing almost 60% faster than we had predicted the previous year – a difference that amounted to almost [...]

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Google Steers Digital Advertisers toward Mobile

by Andrew Frank  |  February 7, 2013  |  1 Comment

Google’s announcement that its new “enhanced campaigns” upgrade to AdWords will soon eliminate (or at least limit) the capability of its customers to specify explicitly whether they want to include mobile devices or desktops only in their campaigns is generating a predictable range of responses, from anger over loss of control to praise over simplification [...]

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