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Andrew Frank

VP Distinguished Analyst
Andrew Frank covers marketing and advertising. As VP Distinguished Analyst with Gartner for Marketing Leaders, Mr. Frank specializes in best practices for data-driven marketing, including how organizations can use data to drive...
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A Lesson in Attribution for Digital Marketers

By Andrew Frank | January 23, 2013

Here’s a riddle. A marketer is using an attribution modeling tool to analyze how her digital display, search, and social campaigns are working. The tool looks at all the conversions on her web site and, for each conversion, determines which…

Why Mass Media Still Matters

By Andrew Frank | January 11, 2013

  Following the revelation that Super Bowl ads sold out this year for an average $3.7-$3.8 million, we took a small, unscientific poll of our digital marketing analysts to see if we collectively believed such an investment was still worth…