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Brazil as BI strategists?

by Andy Bitterer  |  September 17, 2008  |  1 Comment

Wherever I go to present on BI issues, such as technology, M&A, best practices, organizational issues, market development or else, one of my questions to the audience is “Who has a BI strategy?” and the typical response is fairly consistent. In most European or North American audiences, only about 2% of surveyed participants admit they have a BI strategy. Now, I don’t know whether those are any good, complete, or actionable, but it’s interesting nevertheless.

I asked the same question yesterday afternoon at the Gartner Future of IT conference in Sao Paulo, and, what do you know, more than 10% claimed to have a BI strategy. Still not the number I’d like to see, but significantly higher than in Chicago, Cologne, Copenhagen or Cape Town. I gotta have a closer look at those strategies.

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