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It Will Take A Lot For E-Government To Become Smarter

by Andrea Di Maio  |  June 24, 2009  |  Comments Off

Second day at the IBM Smarter Cities event, where I have attended the breakout session on smarter government services. The breakout session started with the IT director of the City of Helsinki who gave a quick overview of the city portal, which was awarded by the UN as the best among 100 cities they surveyed […]

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The Four Facets of Web 2.0 in Government

by Andrea Di Maio  |  May 29, 2009  |  15 Comments

Over the last week or so I’ve had a number of clients asking me to summarize the impact of Web 2.0 in government. I’ve come up with four different but interrelated areas: Internal (intra or inter-government) collaboration. Institutional presence on external social networks Open government data Employees on external social networks Internal government collaboration. This […]


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Should Government Employees Be Themselves On Social Networks?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  April 21, 2009  |  4 Comments

Earlier today I had a conversation with a client from a UK local authority about the impact of social media and web 2.0 on the workplace. I made my point that it is important to break the boundary between personal and professional profiles if one wants to leverage the power of social networking (as I […]


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The Boundaries of E-Participation and The Limits of E-Government

by Andrea Di Maio  |  December 16, 2008  |  3 Comments

One theme that seems to be very fashionable around the evolution of e-government is e-participation. Its definition in Wikipedia is “ICT-supported participation in processes involved in government and governance”. Processes may concern administration, service delivery, decision making and policy making.“ While this definition mentions both service delivery and decision/policy making, many people use the term […]


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Another Government Social Network May Hit The Dust

by Andrea Di Maio  |  December 3, 2008  |  1 Comment

About two months ago Transport For London  (TfL) – the government owned company running the public transportation system in London – launched a social networking site called Together For London. The purpose was to gather ideas from customers about how to make London a better place. Registered users can create an avatar (called “Little Londoner”), […]

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Is Social Software Really Different From Email?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 18, 2008  |  Comments Off

Of course it is, and I am sure we all agree that it opens whole new possibilities for collaboration, cooperative problem solving, participation, crowdsourcing and so forth. At the same time, we all hear the same concerns about its use in enterprises: loss of productivity with employees following and chatting with their online friends, and […]

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More Excitement About Social Networks in Government: Obama’s Fault?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 12, 2008  |  6 Comments

Yesterday I had two illuminating conversations, one professional and one personal, that show how people with government responsibilities or aspirations are falling even more in love with web 2.0 and social networks than before. The first conversation, in the morning, was with a lady who is in charge for e-government policies and programs in a […]


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Critical Infrastructure Protection and Social Networks

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 11, 2008  |  Comments Off

Another interesting one-on-one at our European Symposium was with a client from a Defense agency in a Scandinavian country (yes, we have many clients from Scandinavia coming to Cannes). We were discussing about the impact of Web 2.0 to deal with crisis situations – ranging from flooding to nuclear accidents, from epidemics to terrorist attacks. […]

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Tax City or Tax Square? Better a Tax Bus

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 11, 2008  |  Comments Off

As promised, here is one of the conversations I had with clients while in Cannes at our Fall Symposium. The client was from a tax authority in one of the Scandinavian countries, and told me about an idea they are playing with. They are planning to develop a virtual tax city; where taxpayers – both […]

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Why A Good Idea for Governments to Help People May Never Work

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 10, 2008  |  Comments Off

A few days ago, commenting on a piece of research I am writing , my colleague Massimo Pretali, who works as a Director in Gartner Consulting, came up with this intriguing suggestion about how local governments could help people during these difficult times. Given the current economic downturn and the fact that some families may struggle […]

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