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The Dark Side of Bringing Your Own Device

by Andrea Di Maio  |  May 29, 2012  |  11 Comments

Last week I met clients in the Bay area and had two very intesting conversations about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. In one case, the CIO had been struggling for so long with frequent requests from users to support their devices of choice that he went for a much broader choice of enterprise-provided user […]


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Government IT Departments Can Either Embrace Choice or Perish

by Andrea Di Maio  |  October 5, 2011  |  Comments Off

Through my analyst coverage of social media, cloud computing and – more recently – smart government, I am coming across a consistent number of cases where government IT departments are struggling to establish, affirm or defend their relevance to the rest of the business. This is not a new problem, and has often been considered […]

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Personal Devices Are Like Personal Social Networks: Governments Struggle with Both

by Andrea Di Maio  |  March 3, 2011  |  1 Comment

This week I heard an interesting story about a government organization that issues grants of different types and has recently innovated the assessment process for the proposals it receives. The process involves assessors from government, industry and academia, who used to gather at a physical location, to perform the assessment: this consisted of reading proposals, […]

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Consumer Technology Can Help the Environment

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 12, 2010  |  1 Comment

One of my last one-on-ones at the Gartner Symposium in Cannes was about how to rejuvenate programs around green IT. Not how to make IT greener, but how to use IT to make business processes more environmentally sustainable. This is also known as the 98% problem, since it is common knowledge that IT contributes for […]

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Consumerization May Be A Myth: Beware Your iPhone

by Andrea Di Maio  |  September 13, 2010  |  2 Comments

An interesting trend that we have been watching over the last years is the unstoppable force of consumer devices that make their way through corporations, as users demand the same sleeker and cooler devices that they experience in their personal lives. Probably the best example is the iPhone. While IT departments were choosing corporate smartphones […]


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It is Time to Look at Government 3.0 (or Better Understand 2.0)

by Andrea Di Maio  |  December 21, 2009  |  9 Comments

Although I said some time ago that I did not like the term government 2.0, I have surrendered to its popularity among government clients as well as vendors, to the point that Gartner now has its own definition Government 2.0 is the use of IT to socialize and commoditize government services, processes and data. Reading […]


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Consumer social media are already mission-critical in government

by Andrea Di Maio  |  May 7, 2009  |  3 Comments

Earlier today I gave a presentation on web 2.0 and social media to a group of IT officials from one of the Canadian provinces. the audience was quite lively and interactive and they shared with me some insights about their experience with social media. They are amongst the few (see previous post) who do not […]


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Should Governments Use Consumer Tools for Social Networking? – Continued

by Andrea Di Maio  |  April 24, 2009  |  4 Comments

Yesterday I posted a conversation with a colleague about whether government organizations (and parliaments in particular) should use consumer social media also for internal purposes. I thought I’d share the rest of our email conversation, as I suspect this is quite exemplary of discussions several government clients are having. Here is what my colleague said: […]


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Should Governments Use Consumer Tools for Social Networking?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  April 23, 2009  |  1 Comment

Yesterday I participated in an interesting discussion with Gartner colleagues about how to deploy collaborative and social networking capabilities in public sector organizations. In particular we were discussing the IT strategy document of a parliamentary organization. A colleague of mine said: The only thing that’s missing is not working on or adding collaborative / social […]

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Should Government Employees Be Themselves On Social Networks?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  April 21, 2009  |  4 Comments

Earlier today I had a conversation with a client from a UK local authority about the impact of social media and web 2.0 on the workplace. I made my point that it is important to break the boundary between personal and professional profiles if one wants to leverage the power of social networking (as I […]


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