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Italian Elections Prove that Bricks and Mortars Are Alive and Kicking

by Andrea Di Maio  |  March 1, 2013  |  Comments Off

Many commentators have been discussing about the outcome of the last Italian elections, held a few das ago, which resulted in a tie between the two major coalitions (center-left Democratic Party with its allies and center-right People of Freedom) and a surprising success of the new grassroots Five-Star Movement, led by former comedian Beppe Grillo. […]

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Great News for Government IT in Australia and Beyond

by Andrea Di Maio  |  December 17, 2012  |  2 Comments

After the announced retirement of long-standing Australian Government CIO Ann Steward, the Secretary of the Department of Finance and Deregulation has announced the creation of two distinct roles. The work of AGIMO has been diverging over time between two distinct areas: whole of government policy and governance, and whole of government services delivery (eg, networks, […]


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UK Government’s Bold Move on Digital Identity Is A Wake-Up Call for Many

by Andrea Di Maio  |  October 4, 2012  |  6 Comments

Today I read one of those news I have been waiting for for a long time. According to The Independent: The [UK] Government will announce details this month of a controversial national identity scheme which will allow people to use their mobile phones and social media profiles as official identification documents for accessing public services. […]


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Government Innovation Needs More than External Fellows To Stick

by Andrea Di Maio  |  September 1, 2012  |  4 Comments

I am just back from my holidays, which I spent with my family in Australia. I had a great time, also because I decided to resist the temptation of doing any work-related activity unless it was extremely urgent for a client-facing deadline (but a bit of luck and good planning made these very few and […]


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The Essence of Collaboration Is Selfishness

by Andrea Di Maio  |  June 28, 2012  |  16 Comments

The tons of virtual ink that are being used to discuss e-participation, e-democracy, social organizations, enterprise or government 2.0, social media and collaboration seem to assume that everybody is moved by an unstoppable desire to collaborate with others. Vendors, consultants, social media gurus, politicians, communication professionals and amateurs all depict a compelling future where the […]


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Digital Government Strategies Should Focus on What to Do and Not How to Do It

by Andrea Di Maio  |  June 18, 2012  |  7 Comments

I do live in Italy and I do work for a US company, spending most of my professional time with US colleagues and clients. They are very different countries, with very different histories, attitudes, weight on the international scene, entrepreneurship, levels of corruption and tax evasion, efficiency of machinery of government, and so forth. Yet, […]


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Torturing the Data Long Enough Will Make It Confess Anything

by Andrea Di Maio  |  June 12, 2012  |  18 Comments

Last week Reuters, Financial Times and the Huffington Post referenced a rather sensationalistic outcome published by an Italian entrepreneur and contract university professor who is well known in Italian social media circles. His research allegedly showed that “up to 46 percent of Twitter followers of companies with active profiles could be generated by robots, or […]


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Facing the Open Data Templars at GovCamp in Canberra

by Andrea Di Maio  |  June 5, 2012  |  16 Comments

Yesterday I delivered the closing keynote at the GovCamp event in Canberra, where government innovators, academics and folks from private sector met to discuss open government and other innovations in the public sector. This followed a GovHack held the days before, where a number of winning applications leveraging open data had been selected. I got […]


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Women in Government IT Rock

by Andrea Di Maio  |  May 31, 2012  |  1 Comment

In the recent past I have shared my admiration for several women who are in leading IT positions in government. The more I meet people, the more it seems that women dwarf men in their ability to deal with complexity, adapt to new conditions, listen to opposing viewpoints, manage change and be effective leaders. I […]

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The Dark Side of Bringing Your Own Device

by Andrea Di Maio  |  May 29, 2012  |  11 Comments

Last week I met clients in the Bay area and had two very intesting conversations about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. In one case, the CIO had been struggling for so long with frequent requests from users to support their devices of choice that he went for a much broader choice of enterprise-provided user […]


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